PS deputy François Pupponi suspected of misuse of corporate assets

The deputy and mayor of Sarcelles (Val d'Oise), François Pupponi Matignon in 2010.

In the legal community, as elsewhere, there are sensitive issues that nobody hastens to enter and whose care they willingly leave to his successor. It concerns suspected illegal taking of interest aimed François Pupponi since 2008, the incumbent mayor (PS) Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise), in the case known as SEM Heat. The investigation, launched after an anonymous tip, is now closed by the police.

His conclusions, which Le Monde has read, were forwarded to the prosecutor of Pontoise, Marie-Therese de Givry, in late September 2011 and have not budged. The magistrate, who just joined the Supreme Court has left it to engage or not to prosecute against Mr. Yves Pupponi Jannier, all newly arrived from Paris counter pole to replace it.


The summary report of the financial police of Versailles, dated 29 September 2011, could not be clearer: "Subject to the discretion of Madam prosecutor of Pontoise, it is clear from this survey that Mr. François Pupponi can be prosecuted for the misuse of corporate assets. " The police amounted to "25,800 euros" "sums [he] unduly spent in restaurants, hotels, and other expenses species" between 2004 and 2006, the credit card SEM heat he had as President exclusive use. Socialist MP, Sunday 10 June candidate to succeed him on the 8ecirconscription the Val d'Oise, swear they have done nothing illegal. All these costs are "justified by [his] activity," he always said. The police have clearly not been sensitive to its arguments.

The prosecutor of Pontoise, joined several times by Le Monde, did not wish to comment on the action that would give the investigation "still in analysis." Or to explain the fact that no decision has been taken for nine months. Judges are never very talkative in the pre-election periods. In the Val-d'Oise, they have never been either when it came to Sarcelles. François Pupponi, close to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whom he succeeded as mayor of Sarcelles, had made it clear to the world in October2011, while searches were conducted in his office and his home in the investigation into the gaming circle Wagram, he does not need too much "we come [the] search."


The case of SEM heat, it is primarily a history of pipes and boilers due to the construction of the first large set of France in the mid 1950s. The architects were inspired by experiments in a few large cities and decided to install a single network to heat the 13,000 homes built to meet the housing crisis. In 1987, the municipality, then the right, creates mixed company (SEM) Sarcelles heat and entrusts the management and maintenance of the heating system to an external company.

The knowledge of the SEM would have remained confined to planning journals and chronicles of the accustomed local press in the 2000s, to relay the exasperation of private Sarcellois heating each new pipe break - again it is criticized foreign company for failing to maintain the network. He had not reckoned an anonymous letter received in 2007 by the prosecutor of Pontoise, with notes of great Parisian tables, phone bills, but also hotel nights in the capital and in the provinces.


To justify these particular set Closerie lilacs at the Hotel Napoleon in clubs around the Champs-Elysees in Paris or Lille palace bills, Mr. Pupponi heard by the police janvier2011, argued that they corresponded to meetings in tough negotiations with Dalkia, a subsidiary of Veolia, for the sale of heating network of the city. His lawyer, Jean-Dominique Lovichi reminds the whole world "energy", "time" spent by the client for this folder "by refusing any compensation and in the sole interest of Sarcellois". "It is disgusting that you do politics!"

To prove his good faith, Mr. Pupponi a "reconstituted list of guests present at all these meals in Paris and in Sarcelles," says the survey. Problem, some of the guests do not remember having shared his table. Antoine Fayet, former CEO of Icade, "[n] declare [d] that these lunches had not occurred." The former director of the Inter-fund deposits, Yves Laffoucrière, and project manager of the Val d'Oise has "categorically denied having participated in meals with Mr. Pupponi".

The financial police has however not been "demonstrated the contentious jobs MM. Simonpoli and Abchiche" denounced by Roman Marin, the former chief financial officer of SEM heat. In 2004 and 2005, the latter had objected to Mr. Pupponi hiring a Councillor Ali Abchiche as accountant of the SEM. And was amazed at the appointment of the former responsible for the casino table games Enghien, Gregory Simonpoli, vice-principal of SEM. His relationship with Mr. Pupponi are then "became confrontational." The Executive Director of the SEM was dismissed in May2006 but maintained to investigators that MM. Abchiche Simonpoli and never really worked for the SEM.

It is now up to the prosecutor of Pontoise to say whether class without following this case, if he appoints a judge or if it considers that there is sufficient evidence to quote directly M.Pupponi court.

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