Over multiple hearings, Van Ruymbeke trying to crack Takieddine

The businessman Ziad Takieddine man in Paris in September 2011.

The battle is fierce, violent. The outcome of the Karachi-based business Balladur now on after a verbal battle front, between the judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke and through Franco-Lebanese Ziad Takieddine. A head-to-head between unlikely one of the most famous judges in the country and a business man facing strong suspicions redistribution kickbacks intended in part to finance the Balladur campaign in 1995.

All oppose these two men with opposing temperaments: the first is placid and the second is introverted and angry eruption. The transcript of their legal battles illustrates almost caricatural this fight with a knife. The world had access to the latest auditions Takieddine. Between two specific questions, documented, there is this question of the judge, like a mantra: "Who are you protecting?" And the intermediary angry, vituperation, describes indices accumulated by the judge "fabrications." Ritual, the faithful clerk of the court then entered on the minutes: "Note that Takieddine will prevail."

Judge Van Ruymbeke wants to push Takieddine to confession. He forbade him to travel, and May 10, took $ 1.5 million in cash reported via a trip to Libya in March 2011. A drainage strategy that businessman mocks. There are other sources of funding, he said, mysterious. "I never craquerai," he says to the world, the.

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