Old and wishful thinking

Josette Winteler, 87 years, Jeanne Girard, 98 years, Juliette Reymond, 91, crisp Charmerettes residents of a retirement home for the destitute to Swiss origin.

IT WAS THAT SIMPLE "MEETING OF TIMING." A meeting between lawyers, unnoticed among dozens of brewed that day by the President of TGI Marseille records. But for the inhabitants of Charmerettes this banal proceeding on May 11, clearly marked a step toward their expulsion in an endless series. This sixteen indeed that residents of the nursing home (mean age 93 years) and their leaders felt threatened. This time it is a little more specific. Facing them, a foundation under Swiss law, the owner of the beautiful property where the property.

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Beyond the court, this court battle illuminates a very topical issue, that the fate of the elderly and the issue of addiction. As if, in their little piece of heaven they may be ordered to leave soon, the little old Marseilles twenty of "Swiss Foyer Charmerettes" defended the bottom end of a model life being lost in along with a certain sense of dignity. A history of the fourth age so outraged. This also relatively unknown, the Swiss colony of Marseille.

Here in this popular area of ​​Cabot south of the city, exudes Confederation old posters Lucerne and Geneva pinned to the wall, a Helvetic flag on fire, the complete collection of The History of the Swiss nation in library or managed currency.

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  • Said Oujibou the pastor who wants to make visible the Muslim converts to Christianity
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  • Experts for a real policy of adolescence
  • New bombing against a second home in Corsica
  • "Black Weekend" for the TGV from Paris to the South and Southwest
  • Karachi case: opening a criminal investigation for unintentional injuries
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  • A manuscript founder Jean Jaurès preempted by state
  • Emergency Accommodation: Cécile Duflot does extend the winter break?
  • In Marseille, Sylvie Andrieux, returned to correctional embezzlement loses the nomination PS
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