OECD calls on Japan to feminize its workforce

Wednesday, April 3, Angel Gurria, secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, was concerned about the decline of aid due to "budget constraints of the country."

The Secretary General of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has called on Japan to raise the employment rate of women, in order to partially offset the decline in the labor force. "Have any of the active population of older countries of the OECD. If you do not include them women, you know an accelerated decline (and) you will have to rely heavily on immigration" , warned on Wednesday April 25, the number one international organization, Angel Gurria, at a forum in Tokyo.

Approximately 60% of Japanese women stop working after birth, particularly because of difficulties in combining work and family obligations. "Women are under-represented in the labor market, and when they participate, they are over-represented in jobs non regular" as in part-time and fixed-term, said Gurria. A good half of the women working in the archipelago are not holders of a fixed full-time and permanent.


"You need to create the conditions to attract women into the labor market is a priority for Japan," said Mr Gurría. The OECD advises the archipelago encourage a culture change in the workplace, in particular to reduce the long days of work are incompatible with household chores, to encourage men to take time off and develop nurseries. The particularly low fertility (1.39 children per woman in 2010) also threatens to seriously reduce the workforce.

According to a government study, Japan's population will fall by 32.3% between 2010 and 2060 due to declining birth rates, and people over 65 will account for nearly 40% of the total. But Japan has so far shown rather reluctant to open doors to massive immigration to offset the deficit of births. A think tank linked to the powerful employers' organization Keidanren threw a bombshell last week, saying that the country, the third largest economy, could leave the club of top five by 2050 if nothing is facing the demographic challenge.

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