New complaint among firefighters Paris

A young engaged filed a complaint Sunday in Paris for rape, accusing a fellow of the BSPP of raping after a hazing gone wrong, in full sight of other firefighters who were on the bus .

The 13 firefighters Paris Wednesday placed in custody in the investigation into the alleged rape of a young engaged Sunday in a bus were always on Thursday, do we learned from sources close to the matter. The scene took place on the bus that brought a sports team of the prestigious Brigade firefighters Paris (BSPP) to thirty people after a gymnastics competition in Colmar this weekend. The police of the research section of Paris favor the theory of a hazing gone wrong.

Another fireman complained to the blows he had suffered in the same car, according to a source familiar with the matter, confirming a report by LCI. These abuses have been committed "in the mood of the moment, in the confinement of the car, the source said. This case should lead to one or more unpacking. " "We take note of this new complaint. It only reinforces our desire to shed light on this story, "said Lt. Col. Pascal Le Testu, spokesman of the BSPP.

A young engaged filed a complaint for rape in Paris on Sunday, accusing a fellow of the BSPP of raping after a hazing gone wrong, in full sight of other firefighters who were on the bus . This scene was filmed by a mobile phone, do you have a judicial source said. Twenty others not involved in the scene, were present on the bus, according to a source familiar with the matter.

According to Le Parisien, the young complainant told the investigators that he was initially "severely hazed" by several other young soldiers, who allegedly "pinched and bitten at the posterior." The young man who protested, he would have found himself pinned to the ground by several of his colleagues, one would repeatedly violated under the gaze of an officer who would not have intervened. Firefighters risk involved a final revocation of the BSPP and a criminal sanction.

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