New clashes in Massy

New clashes took place on the night of Thursday 24 to Friday, May 25 between police and young people in Massy (Essonne), after the death Wednesday of a young man who was riding without a helmet on board a stolen motorcycle. A source close to the investigation reported mortar and a jet of bocce ball, without elaborating. The source said there were no injuries or damage, and the police had made no arrests. Another source close to the investigation said calm has returned to one hour.

Wednesday, detritus that was on the sidewalk had been burned. Later, a car was returned and clashes. Bulky, which had been deposited on the sidewalk, were placed on the road. Windows were broken on twenty vehicles. There had been no injuries or arrests.


The violence is due to the death of a young boy in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, while traveling aboard a stolen motorcycle. According to reliable sources, rumors involving the police. The young man who died, aged 24, was from the nearby Antony (Hauts-de-Seine) city. He lost control of the motorcycle he had to steal during a burglary Vauhallan (Essonne) and he drove very fast pace. He was not wearing a helmet and did not have any license. According to preliminary investigation, the motorcycle was found about forty yards from the point of impact.

Known to police, the young man had a rate of 1.08 g of alcohol in the blood, and had used cannabis, according to the same source. Another young man, 19 years old, from Massy and who was with him on the motorcycle, was seriously injured. He was transported to the hospital Kremlin Bicetre (Val-de-Marne). A source close to the investigation had said Wednesday night that the police arrived at the scene after the fact, called by a witness.

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