Murders of Essonne: Michel Courtois demand his release

Brigadier chef Philippe D. is alleged to have contravened the code of conduct of his profession after being addicted to scatological practices filmed and posted on the internet.

Yassine Bouzrou me, the lawyer Michel Courtois, man held for the first of four murders in the Essonne since November 2011, on Tuesday urged the release of his client, imprisoned since December, he Wednesday.

"The application was filed yesterday [Tuesday]," said Mr. Bouzrou. According to him, the confession made by the man at the end of his detention were "extracted". "I can not understand how one can detain an individual on the basis of non-existent elements. The argument that he had ordered the killings since the prison is frivolous, ridiculous, "said Mr. Bouzrou.

Michel Courtois, 46, was detained after confessing to the murder of Nathalie Davids, 35, November 27, 2011 in the parking lot of his apartment building in Juvisy-sur-Orge. He has since recanted and was detained in the killing of Jean-Yves Bonnerue, 52 (February 22), Marcel Brunetto, 81 (March 17) and Nadjia Boudjemia-Lahcene, 48 (5 April).


These four homicides were committed with the same weapon, a semi-automatic pistol 7.65mm seized during the searches that followed the arrest last Saturday, Yoni Palm. The latter, 33, was indicted for murder on Monday night as part of a criminal investigation, which concerns only the three most recent murders.

Yoni Palm was heard Wednesday in the murder of Nathalie Davids, which is accused Michel Courtois, Has to a judicial source. "It was expected. This is the normal procedure for questioning, "said the source, confirming a report by M6 and MSN News. Two separate judicial inquiries are open in Evry. One for the first of four murders, the second for the other three.

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