Merah case: the magistrates call for the lifting of military secrecy

To the impact on the shutters and walls of the balcony of the apartment of Mohamed Merah.

The judges investigating the case have asked Mohamed Merah unblinding of defense in order to shed light on possible shortcomings of the French intelligence service, Has on Wednesday June 6 judicial source.

The judges ask the declassification notes of the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI), Has it the same source. The Interior Ministry will decide on the application after a notice of a special commission. The three magistrates in charge of the case do not exclude any complicity or track network in France and abroad, said Tuesday the civil party lawyers after a meeting with the judges.


The families of four people killed at a Jewish school in Toulouse in March, Aaron Bijaoui, 15, seriously wounded in the shooting were received for nearly three hours Tuesday at the courthouse in Paris by judges who consider being at the beginning of their investigations. Mohamed Merah, who claimed al-Qaida and also killed three soldiers were killed after more than thirty hours of confrontation with police RAID.

The survey of judges trying to understand the "environment" of the author of the killings, said the civil party lawyers. It also examines the potential liability of the French intelligence service, criticized for not having put out of harm's way before his crimes. Mohamed Merah was indeed known to police, mainly because of his trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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