Merah case: investigation for violation of the secrecy of the investigation

The detention brother Mohamed Merah, shot March 22, 2012 after killing seven people in Toulouse and Montauban, was extended by six months.

The Paris prosecutor's office opened Wednesday, July 11 a judicial investigation against X, including "violation of the secrecy of the investigation" after the broadcast Sunday night on TF1 extracts audio recordings of conversations between the killer and Mohamed Merah police who besieged in his apartment in Toulouse.

The training will also focus on the qualifications of "breach of confidentiality" and concealment, Has it added.

Sunday evening, TF1 aired for the first time in his program "Seven Eight", some audio recordings where you can hear the "killer scooter" dialogue with police on 21 and 22 March and explain a calm tone, calm, his crimes as his criminal upcoming projects. This release has outraged families who quickly announced their intention to file a complaint against the chain which justified its decision based on the right to information. On Tuesday, the Supreme Council of Audiovisual (CSA) issued a warning to TF1.

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The siege lasted 32 hours and was completed by the death of Mohamed Merah. The chain said have a record four hours and a half, which "Le Monde" also had access.

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This audio recording was sealed off and the lawyers had not received a copy, just to prevent its disclosure. "We know that this record is not in the hands of prosecutors and lawyers and it is now physically held by the forensic and services in charge of the investigation, it is ie the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI) and the sub-directorate terrorism (SDAT), said earlier this week Mehana Mouhou me, one of the lawyers of Imad Ibn Ziaten family. By inference, is that we can not legitimately ask whether this is the DCRI, the SDAT or forensic laboratory which had at one time or another interest (.) To send a copy to the press ? "

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The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), the "police the police" investigating, tried unsuccessfully Monday to recover from the company's production and Elephant Co. audio recordings as part of an application voluntary surrender. The company refused to give him.

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As a first step, a preliminary investigation was opened on Sunday after the release of these records, but the opening of a judicial inquiry was considered more appropriate because it allows the appointment of a judge.

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