Mediator: Servier appears for "deception"

In ten days, it is folded and they leave with the handcuffs, "let go of Mr. Charles Joseph Oudin, while its final preparations before the big day. From the young lawyer who advises a hundred victims of the Mediator, less insurance would have surprised. But it takes aplomb, it's true, when preparing to 29 years to address Servier, a French pharmaceutical giant. François Honnorat displays a more conservative nature, but, as his colleague, he is convinced that the trial of the Mediator, which opened Monday, May 14 before the criminal court of Nanterre for fraud, scheduled for eight weeks "may take place in fifteen days "and will not go in June The reality is perhaps not as simple.

A year and a half that the two lawyers, joined by Mr. Martine Verdier association CLCV consumers are impatient to present and detail to justice "lies" Servier. Behind them, for most women, but also men, living all over France, which for a failing thyroid, a little too high diabetes, or just a few extra pounds, have ever swallowed the drug sold as a diabetes but often prescribed diet pill. Since they learned that the Mediator had killed 500 people - are now talking about 1320 dead - they live with the anxiety that their doctor diagnosed valvular disease or pulmonary hypertension (HTPA). Them.

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