Media: a new law to protect the confidentiality of sources "quickly"

The Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, will submit to Parliament a new law on the protection of journalists' sources, the current text appearing "too vague," said Monday, June 11 spokesman.

Mrs Taubira made the promise Monday during a meeting with the office of the Association of judicial release (APJ), which requires long-term replacement of the Law of 4 January 2010, a text that the association considers " useless and dangerous. "


The new text should be considered "fast" by Parliament or, in view of the legislative agenda, by at least six months, during the winter. "It will be after the law on sexual harassment, a future first laws" of the keeper, assured Mr. Rance, spokesman for Ms. Taubira, recalling that it was one campaign promises Hollande. Mrs Taubira however, did not specify Monday what is the text content of the future, according to his spokesman.

The APJ wants to see not only protect journalists and their employees, but also the sources themselves, which currently "enjoy no guarantee," she said. The association also demanded that a criminal sanction is designed to punish violations of the law protecting sources.

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