Luka Rocco Magnotta, the fuzzy route "Canadian Psycho"

Luka Rocco Magnotta, bisexual former porn actor, is suspected of having killed and dismembered a man in Montreal.

Beautiful bisexual boy, former prostitute and porn actor missed, having once made "Angel" stage name, Luka Rocco Magnotta made his face known to the world by becoming the number one suspect of a sadistic murder, but his life is rich in shadows.

A search was launched in Montreal after the discovery of the body of a Chinese student, described a man of 29 years, slim, since measuring 1.78 meters and weighing 61 pounds, with black hair and blue eyes. But the precise font that easily changes its appearance, sometimes dyed her hair, wearing wigs and can disguise himself as a woman. It is also known under the pseudonyms Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov. In fact, it took the name of Newman, before officially change to Magnotta in 2006.

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The media have dubbed "Canadian Psycho" because a video posted on the Internet that shows the crime, murder with an ice pick a man tied and butchering of his body, is accompanied by a song from the movie American Psycho, adapted from a book by Bret Easton Ellis.

Seeking details of his past life collides with the protection of privacy, strict in Canada. Members of his family, interviewed at their home in Peterborough, a suburb northeast of Toronto, have merely say have lost contact with him for "a good time".

And it is difficult to consider as a reliable source of abundant personal mythology he had created over the years through many writings and photos on the Internet. It is sometimes described as being of Russian origin, but would actually born in Toronto and spent part of his childhood in Scarborough, a suburb of Canada's largest city.

Magnotta has become "company man" ie prostitute and stripper at the age of 18 years, officiating under the name of "Angel" in a gay bar in Toronto, Remington's, according to columnist and transgender artist Canadian Nina Arsenault, who claims to have had an affair with him. She describes it as "manipulator, liar, irascible and often self-destructive."


In 2005, he was sued for defrauding stores and sentenced to nine months imprisonment. More recently, he has sought to advertise by publishing videos on YouTube where he suffocated kittens. He also said necrophiliac or near theses of American white supremacists.

On the Internet, he also said moving limousine and travel around the world - including Paris where he is currently wanted by the police - but lately, he rented a small apartment in a modest neighborhood in Montreal device.

In his writings, he suggested he had been beaten and sexually abused, have tried alcohol and drugs and becoming manic. It would also have joined the Church of Scientology. According to psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland, interviewed by Radio-Canada, he would have suffered a lot of frustration and "it exudes narcissistic traits, histrionic and antisocial."

Magnotta displays narcissism in the extreme, saying "incredibly beautiful." "I'm not gay, but if I were, I'd marry and obsessed with me," he writes well. He would eventually "deny his suffering" before seeking an outlet in action, still think Dr. Chamberland.

If the perpetrator of the crime committed in Montreal, where the victim was dismembered and pieces of his body mailed to political parties, Magnotta could feel relief. But it could be only temporary and might recur, warned the psychiatrist.

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