Luka Rocco Magnotta, the fugitive caught by Internet

The international hunt for porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta accused of the murder and dismemberment of his lover in Montreal ended, Monday, June 4, in an Internet cafe in Berlin's Neukölln district. After nearly a week of continued worthy of an American thriller, one that the entire international press agrees to designate as a dangerous psychopath was arrested by the German police, as he watched the latest Internet Articles about him.

What was left as a news a bit absurd to Montreal (a bisexual porn actor killing kittens and posting videos of his cannibalistic acts on the Internet), quickly crossed the border and ignited the web. "Canadian Psycho", "Body-parts killer", "el descuartizador Canadá" or "skinning of Montreal" nicknames flourished in all languages ​​to try to identify the psychological profile of the man who had "tasted blood" and announced its intention to resume.

These are obviously the newspapers of the countries that the alleged killer was crossed with the most followed the case: first in Canada, then France, and finally Germany. But the British press was not left out, including The Sun, who first six months there, he met this strange killer kittens who published his videos on the Internet. Such media can certainly be explained by the fact that Luka Rocco Magnotta is shown just after a series of sordid news items featuring cannibals in Miami as in Montauban. But his success is also due in large part to the unusual personality, and very present on the Internet, the porn actor.


Beyond all the portraits that have been made of it, from the ethos that he had built himself on Myspace, Facebook and YouTube, or testimony of his family, it is the circumstances of his arrest, detailed, especially in this video posted on the website of German newspaper Der Spiegel, that amaze. Luka Rocco Magnotta was quietly watching his mail on the Internet at a cafe in Berlin, hidden under a black sweater and sunglasses. The manager of the cafe, alerted by his French accent and resemblance to the photos on the Internet, had to do it twice before interest a police station in the discovery he had made.

Until the end, the story of "the most wanted fugitive of Canada" has been linked to the Internet and the culture of his generation. This is first on YouTube that became famous, making swallowing kittens by python, then MySpace, he maintained his narcissism, and finally the BestGore site, he published Video of his crime. It is surprising to his cinematic references, which it shares with most people of his generation: he kills his friend to the music of American Psycho, the adaptation of the famous novel by Bret Easton Ellis, reproducing the scene Opening the film Basic Instinct, by handcuffing her lover in bed and running with an ice pick.

But it is also ultimately the Internet that has lost its opinion by disseminating research everywhere, then pulling in the Berlin cafe. "This is a beautiful work of investigation and partnership. [The suspect] has been used extensively to glorify the Web, but the Web has led to the loss and has to stop, "concludes Ian Lafreniere, the spokesman for the police in Montreal.


Paradoxically, despite the horror and the excess of his act, users were able to appropriate its tracks: by viewing themselves his crime, then tracking the clues he had spread in social networks, and following advanced police overnight. Some users have even created a website, site, to help find the alleged killer. Objective highlighted: "It must not happen again, we need to find this guy as fast as possible!" ["This should never happen, we need to find this guy as soon as possible!"]. Anyone could become an actor of stalking, like Kadir Anlayisli the Berliners who called the police.

The day after his arrest, the testimony of people who crossed the porn actor is growing: "I traveled over six hours beside Luka Rocco Magnotta", "I met the killer of Montreal near Gare du Nord "" He spoke to me in French, saying he was very thirsty. " The proximity of man scared, just as it fascinates. "I was attracted by the face of a young man sitting on a bench. I did not make the connection immediately. But I remember that dark eyes staring at me strange and unhealthy way, "reflects Sarah.

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