Laetitia case Perrais Gilles Patron, the foster father, released

The father of the host family Laetitia Perrais, Gilles Patron, Pornic, 22 June 2011.

The foster father of Laetitia Perrais, Gilles Patron, indicted for rape and sexual assault and jailed for eight months out of prison, but will be placed in an electronic bracelet, decided the Court of Appeal of Rennes, Friday, May 4 . Seizure by the prosecution, the trial chamber of Appeal of Rennes confirmed the order of house arrest with electronic monitoring decided by the judge.

Gilles Patron, 61, was the foster father of Laetitia Perrais, 18, killed and dismembered in early 2011. Doing at the time father figure model, he spoke repeatedly to denounce the "rapists". He and his wife were received by Nicolas Sarkozy, and had obtained the burial of the girl takes place near their home in the Bernerie-en-Retz in the Loire-Atlantique.


But a few months later, in August 2011, Gilles Patron was indicted for rape and sexual assault on Jessica's twin sister, Laetitia, and detained in a new investigation started following stories of two friends binoculars . It is now indicted for rape of two minor placed in him and touching or sexual assaults on four others.

Durantl'enquête Mr. Boss has recognized an ambiguous relationship with Jessica, but denied all the facts related by the other victims, speaking of "involuntary movements" on some of them. "I deeply regret the approximation with Jessica, but there was nothing else I have not touched or raped anyone," he had said Thursday, tears in his voice, before the trial chamber from the hearing to deny the facts of the head against him.


Gilles Patron be released from prison on Friday, and then receive an electronic bracelet forcing him to remain in a department other than the Loire-Atlantique. He is prohibited from being in contact with the complainants, or with minor other than his grandchildren.

Approved as host by the General Council of Loire-Atlantique family since 1995, Mr. Boss had received in his youth in sustainable home six and forty-eight young people in temporary accommodation since its approval.

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