Kerviel trial: "evidence" of "conspiracy" given to the court

Kerviel appears before the Court of Appeal of Paris since June 4, 2012.

To support the new line of defense adopted by Kerviel in his appeal, his lawyer sent Friday, June 8 at the Court of Appeal of Paris, documentary evidence, he said, the existence of a conspiracy of the Company General against the former trader, who believes he served fuse during the subprime crisis.

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These documents are also sent to the advice of the bank include an anonymous note to a witness described as a former employee of Societe Generale, which according to Mr. David Koubbi, is at the disposal of the court if it wants to hear . According to the lawyer of Jerome Kerviel, the witness also provided a table summarizing its work based on "opinion made" (summary of orders placed) in the overall position of the Company to the general market Eurex .

Jean Veil, a lawyer for Societe Generale, said that "anonymous witness" resumed "delusions expressed in recent days by Jerome Kerviel" and the table "did not bring anything new."


Wednesday, the second day of his appeal, Kerviel said his superiors had been caught huge speculative positions in order to hide the losses of the bank on products backed by subprime U.S. mortgages to origin of the financial crisis of 2008.

According to him, in March 2007, the bank would be "covered" under the table positions, he said he had learned only recently. The president of the court, Mireille Filippini, demanded that "evidence" of "written documents", it will be awarded on Friday, the day of release of the trial, so they can be a debate in the hearing Monday.

According to the bank, after "unwinding" in January 2008, the "fraudulent" positions the former trader had resulted in a loss of € 4.9 billion, which Jerome Kerviel was sentenced at first instance three years in prison and damages in the amount of the loss.

I Koubbi asserts able to demonstrate that the position of Jerome Kerviel has not been unwound in the conditions and when the bank said to have done, or by the person who has been touted as responsible for carrying although the unwinding. "Societe Generale has used Kerviel as a fuse," he assured me Koubbi, who claims to have "other parts" and to have "other witnesses."

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