Karachi case: opening a criminal investigation for unintentional injuries

The anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic the Palais de Justice in Paris in January 2011.

The Paris prosecutor's office opened Wednesday, May 30, a judicial investigation against X for unintentional injuries after a civil complaint filed by the injured party of the Karachi attack. The Directorate of Naval Construction (DCN) which is inferentially.

Six employees of the DCN survivors of the attack in Karachi, which killed 15 people, including 11 employees of the company, had filed a single complaint against their employer for serious security breaches in October 2011. Failure to secure the appointment of a judge, they had filed in March, a complaint with a civil action which leads to the automatic appointment of a judge.

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The wounded reproach especially their employer to have ignored terrorist threats "against the explicit France" in Pakistan at the time. A preliminary investigation was opened in November 2011 by the Paris prosecutor giving rise to the hearing in January, the six employees by officers of the Brigade of fighting crime against the person of the Paris police.

Another judicial inquiry is underway, led by the anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic on the circumstances of the attack in 2002. In February, French survivors have also requested that the judge instruct their complaint to the DCN.

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