Karachi case: Thierry Gaubert indicted for aggravated money laundering

Thierry Gaubert, a former collaborator of Nicolas Sarkozy, announced Tuesday, May 15, have been indicted for aggravated money laundering in the financial aspect of the Karachi affair, a decision he described as "absurd".

"After I was indicted for the misuse of corporate assets for amounts allegedly Takieddine, Judge Van Ruymbeke just put me under investigation for laundering money that I have spent so-called" has he said to the output of the office of judge. "It is absurd to accuse me of having spent money that I have ever received," said he said.


Former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy for mayor of Neuilly in 1983 and the Ministry of the Budget (1993-1995), Mr. Gaubert had already been indicted in 2011 for the misuse of corporate assets and witness tampering in the investigation into the financial aspect of Karachi. "These actions, it is a pure intellectual construction built solely on the statements of the mother of my children I am extremely confrontational divorce procedure," added Mr. Gaubert.

To investigators and judges, Helen Gaubert had mentioned her husband's involvement in possible illegal financing of the 1995 campaign of Edouard Balladur, speaking trips to Geneva with her husband Ziad Takieddine, and discounts of Nicolas Bazire money, campaign manager of the former prime minister. MM. Takieddine and Bazire were also indicted by the judges.

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