In public, many women except in police

The font is a little late, feminization side. Women represent 51.7% of the public service of the state and only 33.1% of the workforce of the Ministry of Interior. It is true that the Place Beauvau started later, the body of police inspectors have been opened to women in 1972, the Commissioners in 1974, the peacekeepers in 1978 and peace officers in 1983 .

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And yet, with quotas, 1% more women every two years, the time to digest and that men "do not feel overwhelmed," as it was called at the time kindly. The quotas were abandoned in 1992 after a conviction of the European Court of Human Rights, but ingeniously replaced with size requirements, and highly deterrent to sporting events schedules.

Today 17.4% of peacekeepers are Guardian.

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