In PS, the battle of "Valls" against "Rebs" for indoor

Manuel Valls, head of communications candidate Francois Hollande.

No luck. Traveling in Moselle, François Rebsamen, head of the security division in the team of Francois Hollande, was unable to attend the meeting between the PS candidate and representatives of police unions, Thursday, April 26. Claude Bartolone, President of the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis and Manuel Valls, they have not missed the call. The communications director for Francois Hollande was sitting right next to the candidate, who consulted regularly.

What was the director of communications in an encounter with the police? "We must not see malice," says Mr. Valls. He swears, he led the meeting and loyally "in connection with Rebs" who prepared the event, while conceding: "I have some expertise in this area."

"Valls" against "Rebs" although Mr. Bartolone has not given up the fight to put on the uniform of the first cop France, between these two, takes a more intense ride. Both men have long shared a safe fiber reinforced by their experience of local elected.


Both are connoisseurs police networks. But not the same. Despite the involvement of all the moments alongside the candidate, Mr. Valls still occurred very recently, after the first round, police and senior members of the police union. He made the rounds of all the organizations except Alliance, the second union peacekeepers as being too tied to Nicolas Sarkozy. Former Chief of Staff of Pierre Joxe, Mr. Rebsamen for its part remains close to Joaquin Masanet, former secretary general of UNSA Police, the former director general of the national police and Patrice Bergougnoux "Joxe networks" that now consider some less operative than in the past.

François Rebsamen, leader of Socialist senators.

What annoys the highest point François Rebsamen, president of the PS group in the Senate. "It is very unpleasant to hear so someone who has left the image of a large interior minister who modernized the national police. But between the alleged "Joxe networks" and "Bauer networks," I chose, "said he tackled in an interview with specialized AEF Security Agency Thursday, April 19. A thinly veiled reference to the proximity of Manuel Valls and criminologist Alain Bauer, godfather of one of his children.

To win, the image and reputation count. The issue of trust for this sensitive post, will also be critical. Mr Rebsamen is an old friend of François Hollande. But he had left to accompany Segolene Royal, before returning to him. Mr. Valls, after playing the free electron role for years, has become one of the key men in the presidential kitchen.

"The campaign reveals," warned Francois Hollande. From this point of view, the mayor of Dijon has not necessarily scored points by proposing three days before the first round of transforming "the offense of cannabis contrary." The measurement started from a good intention, that of reducing the number of procedures and reduce the work of the police. But was curtly rejected by the candidate.

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