In Nantes, wild with six young people out

Gendarmes looking for, May 15, a 13 year old who is thrown into the Loire to escape the police.

They did not grow up in the same turn or the same neighborhood. Some lived in the city, others in the country. The youngest, 13 years old, all would have gladly given three more years. Physically qualify for one of the biggest band, the image of a "shrimp" returns. In custody, some gave the impression to mock the police. Others cried in the office of judge. There is a week in Nantes, all were faced with a barrage of police. In which they were dark. Without thinking.

Aboard two freshly stolen cars, six minors 13 to 16 years, including a girl, have forced a dam that had drawn police to approach a bridge in the night of Sunday 13 to Monday, May 14 Seven staff members were injured, including one planned to ten meters, suffered multiple fractures and was notified fifty days of temporary work stoppage. At the end of the night, five teenagers have finished their "journey" in custody. The sixth jumped into the Loire to escape arrest. More than 200 police officers showed Tuesday before the central police station of Nantes, to express their feelings and ask for more resources to fight against juvenile delinquency.

One of the arrested youth, Christian, who was driving one of two stolen cars, was only 13 years old. His lawyer is "fallen naked" when he realized that "it was him." This boy is one of those young people who "did not adhere to the measures proposed by the court" to resume.

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