In Marseille, Sylvie Andrieux, returned to correctional embezzlement loses the nomination PS

Sylvie Andrieux, dissenting Socialist candidate in the 3rd district of Bouches-du-Rhone, came second behind the FN candidate.

The Socialist Party withdrew Thursday, May 31, at his inauguration Sylvie Andrieux, elected since 1997 in the northern suburbs of Marseille. This sanction follows the dismissal of the elected Tuesday, May 29, before the Criminal Court of Marseille for embezzlement. The announcement of the decision of the investigating judge Franck Landou occurred on the day of travel by Jean-Marc Ayrault come support Marseilles Socialist candidates. The Prime Minister has them all listed, omitting Ms. Andrieux. Ms. Andrieux was indicted in July 2010 and the prosecutor of Marseilles, Jacques Dallest, signed on February 10, an indictment for his dismissal in magistrate.

PS motivates the withdrawal of nomination by "the requirement of exemplary." The party has not yet discovered the court case, another thorn in the side of the Federation of Bouches-du-Rhône with the indictment of Jean-Noel Guerini, socialist president of the council. As President of the Board of membership, the member account even among members of the Departmental Federation renovated in the wake of the report of the Committee Richard, named after the court case of Mr. Guerin.


In his campaign for re-election in the third district where the National Front could be present in the second round, Sylvie Andrieux described as "non-event" his next appearance in magistrate. It refers to "a political maneuver aimed at destabilizing the Socialist Party" and maintains his candidacy, considering himself "the only way to avoid the election of a member FN". Newsletters and professions of faith are already printed with the initials PS.

In its order for reference, the Franck Landou judge, says Ms. Andrieux, Vice President delegated to the policy of the city until May 2009 the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, would be "diverted to his personal political career of public funds to help neighborhood associations in big trouble. " It will meet its responsibility in distribution, from 2005 to 2008, grants to fictitious associations amounting to EUR 740 000. The aim was to reward influential people in his riding of billposters.

One of the beneficiaries of these grants said: "In the neighborhoods, he said that if you want to enrich you, if you want a minivan, scooter and money, should you ride an association. He said the sponsor, Mrs. Andrieux and that nothing can be done without it. " The investigation showed that the elected "using at least three quarters of the regional public funds earmarked for urban policy."


Rolland Balalas his former parliamentary assistant, confirmed the clientelist use of subsidies granted by administrative services under the pressure of Mrs. Andrieux, despite forgeries in the files. "The gates are wide open, said Balalas. Ms. Andrieux used indiscriminately public funds without worrying about what there is behind, just to save his electoral and political interests. "

The member had objected to the judge's "total innocence": "I knew nothing, I had no authority to sign." His questioning of the Regional Chair Michel Vauzelle led to hearing it in the status of assisted witness. But the regional council cleared out this survey with the dismissal granted Dumontel Franck, former chief of staff Mr. Vauzelle, and Jules Le Boeuf Nyssen, former general manager of services, initially indicted for complicity in embezzlement public funds. Twenty-one others appear alongside Ms. Andrieux.

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