In Isère police track down the thieves with a shoestring

The problem for local police officials or the police is that they are still considered responsible for the increases in crime. Less often declines. Then Colonel Jean-Valéry Lettermann, patron of police of the Isere, prefers to remain modest in the recent shift in the curve of burglaries in the area: "I hope it's because of what you put in up. "

In Isère, the increase was almost 20% in 2011. In the area covered by the gendarmerie, the phenomenon came with a little delay. "We felt it happen because we have seen in others," said Colonel Lettermann. But in November 2011, here as elsewhere, burglary of main homes have increased. Targets for thieves: jewelry, rising gold prices forces, and cash. Hi-fi, too cumbersome, too cheap, is shunned. "This is a crime of opportunity, explains Colonel Lettermann. They come two or three at the entrance of subdivisions and all doors are systematically. If there is someone, they flee. If the owner intervenes, it may end with a punch. "

A volatile, therefore, difficult to control and delinquency. The Isère beautiful welcome the largest group Gendarmerie France - 1500 people for a population of over 800,000 inhabitants - the gendarmerie area is diverse: the large crown Lyon, north to Grenoble suburbs in through mountain areas. You have to adapt.

In the north.

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