How companies adapt to the arrival of Generation Y

THE REMOTE WORK, collaborative projects, permission to use social networks during work hours. companies are starting to change their human resource practices in contact with Generation Y.

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According to a survey conducted in 2009 by the Business Administration Institute of Lyon with 58 human resource managers of SMEs and large groups, 67.6% of them indicated that specific integration programs particularly necessary to give meaning to the work of young Y and loyalty. But only 27.8% had established.

Many researchers in human resources, however they are very skeptical. "The characteristics assumed Generation Y are thin, at least in terms of attitudes and values ​​the work of its members. It seems to us (.) Adopting policies specific human resources management to Generation Y seems little merit, "explained François Mathieu Pleyers Pichaud and sociologists, in their investigation" To finish with Generation Y ". They deny that for three generations (Baby Boomers, X and Y) work it all fault codes disrupt business.

"It is important that companies are adapting, yet says Jean-Marc Mickeler, partner in charge of Deloitte's employer brand. Awareness is collective. " There are two years, the consulting firm has flattened its organization to reduce hierarchical levels. The goal: to allow each employee to have direct access to that "a key to the evolution of his career." His training course to pass from one level to another has been reduced from four to two years. "Today, after two years, you have a young employee can be resold elsewhere. Accept it to leave after two years was a revolution from us, "admits Jean-Marc Mickeler.


New forms of work begin to appear. At Logica, an IT services company, BAICHERE Didier, director of human resources, offers its employees telework. "In the debate professional life, privacy is very important," he says. A maximum of two days per week, employees can work from home. The company also provides philanthropic projects on working hours: twenty employees working with the Pompidou Centre to set up a platform broadcasts via the Internet works.

Before you even recruit young employees, Didier BAICHERE argue with them on the Twitter social network account. "They are accustomed to seeking information on the Internet. They are not fools. When you meet them, they know as much about you as you know about them, "he says. This is probably what has changed most relationships between recruiters and recruited. Before widespread Internet broadband, who had information was power. Today it's over in two clicks, everyone can have the same level of information.

Brigitte Schifano, Director of Human Resources at Aramis Auto, a distributor of vehicles on the Internet created a decade ago has worked extensively on how to attract, hire and retain the new generation. "We have shortened the process of recruitment and career development. They want to know what they will do later, but later it was six months before he was three years old! " Aramis Auto, employees can tweet and go on Facebook during work hours: "An employee of Generation Y is not cut his privacy while at work."

In the banking sector whose image has been badly tarnished not by the crisis, we must reconnect. "We do not talk on us. For example, on Twitter, it provides information on fairs jobs, salary surveys, areas to live are published. They should be interested and then they nousécouteront "says Franck La Pinta, Head of Web Management Human Resources Bank.

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