Holland Sarkozy: two speeches on housing

First post of spending - which for smaller there sometimes spend up to half their income - the housing issue in the presidential election, was treated dotted. Hence the frustration of voters.

According to a survey by the Sofres for the Federation of developers unveiled April 5, 73% of respondents felt that the candidates in the presidential election did not speak enough housing. They were also 69% want housing policy changes to "depth", but never quite believe it. Half of the respondents also felt that the candidates will not be that "at the margin" in this area.

Industry players have yet really thought about it deemed Technical happen to prevail in the debates. Never in a united front, from associations fighting against poor housing to the real estate professionals, to representatives of social housing, they had worked so hard to make housing "a great national cause. "

The accommodation in France.

The same observation

For a time, the gamble seemed won. At the end of the Social Summit on January 18, Nicolas Sarkozy promised "extremely powerful measures", employment, purchasing power, but also on housing. These ads, including the 30% increase in building rights and the sale of public lands, were not considered sufficient by the stakeholders.

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The socialist side, even if the subject does not dominate the meetings, the lessons of 2007 have been selected. At the last presidential election, the proposals of the candidate Segolene Royal, had not been heard against the shock slogan "all owners" of Nicolas Sarkozy.

In 2012, the PS has a more robust program and electorally more "seller" in principle. One of the main measures of the candidate Holland, rent control, although its effectiveness and consequences are criticized by the right but also some less political experts, the advantage of speaking in public.

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On the bottom, left and right share the same finding. According to sources, is missing, between 600,000 and 1 million homes, 1.2 million households are waiting for public housing. In ten years, the property prices have doubled, making it impossible to buy a property for low-income households, but also for a part of the middle classes.

Even the outgoing president has not sought to minimize the scale of the crisis. "We must rebuild our housing policy, it will not," noted Nicolas Sarkozy December 22, 2011, during a visit to the heart of Eating.

A few weeks later, during his televised speech on 29 January, he returned to the peculiar situation of France. "In all the world, when they are in crisis, property prices fall, but one in France, where they continue to rise."

Building rights

While there is consensus on the need to build more, how to get there differ. Favor of a "supply shock", the UMP candidate intends to rely on the recovery of 30% of land use coefficient (SOC), ie building rights, a measure adopted March. Objective: additional 100,000 units in three years, half of which in Ile-de-France.

The scope of this measure, called a "gadget" by the left, divided building professionals and real estate. 'Politicians are not already using all the capacity building, "said Marc Pigeon, president of the Federation of developers.

A nuanced analysis by Laurent Vimont, CEO of Century 21, a real estate network: "The measure provides an answer to the problem of land too rare in increasing the number of building units. But the positive effects will be felt primarily on new construction. However, it will take years to affect older homes. "

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Building and Social Housing

Mr Hollande, he pledged to build 500,000 housing intermediaries, social and students per year, or 2.5 million over the next five years. This boost for housing with a strong social component would be funded in part by doubling the ceiling of Booklet A, from 15 300 to 30 600 euros.

In social housing, Mr. Sarkozy has not publicly given target specific construction. But his entourage suggests that the current rate of funding (124,028 units in 2011) should be maintained.

Provision of land

The effort to build the two candidates also requires the mobilization of land. But again, the tracks do not match. Holland side, it is freely available to the mayors of the land belonging to the State so that they build more social housing. Nicolas Sarkozy, he wants to sell or rent to lease long term (up to 99 years) to developers.

However, the two contenders for the presidential converge on the need to fight against land retention. Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy are considering a reform of the taxation of real estate gain. If quick sale, owners of undeveloped land would be taxed less than those who retain long.

Rent control

The other cleavage between the candidates is about how to bring down property prices. For the PS, fight for a massive supply of affordable housing is not enough. He believes that we must also subtract the housing market the only law and regulation.

To give a halt to soaring rents in areas considered strained, Hollande advocates their managers during a first rental or during a change of tenant, by reference to the average of prices in the sector.

"It is blurred and demagogic measure would result in lower rental offers, to have less well maintained and increase donor requirements on the profile of housing tenants," said Benoist Appeared, delegate to the current housing minister.

Regularly mocked by the head of state, this idea, which is based on the German model of "mirror rents" has yet been partly taken over by the Head of State, April 16, in an interview with the weekly current woman.

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About the system in force in Germany, which allows a tenant to attack its owner if the rent is 20% higher than the market price, the UMP candidate said: "It is a good idea. I resume. It does not block the rents, but a framework. "

Asked Thursday, April 26, on France 2 about his apparent about-face, Sarkozy defended the rent control was conducted in France in the early 1950s, a "disaster", but the solution German was interesting because it was based on the opinion of a "judge", not an "administrative decision." Without specifying at the time, it was a "blocking" rents.

For the rest, Mr. Sarkozy measures to ease the burden of housing are addressed more directly to the owners. If elected, he wants to halve human mutation (incorrectly called notary fees) paid by households who buy a home built over five years. According to Mr Sarkozy, this reform would save more than 6 000 on a purchase of 250 000 euros.

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