Hold-up of Aubervilliers vehicles criminals were monitored

Policemen stationed on June 4, 2012, before a BNP Paribas Aubervilliers following an attack by an armored gunmen who managed to escape van.

The vehicles of the authors of armed robbery who attacked an armored car Monday, June 4 in the morning in Aubervilliers, seriously injuring a conveyor, were equipped with beacons by police, say sources familiar with the matter. Brigade Research and Intervention (BRI) of the Paris police, who watched these cars for several days, had established under these two stolen vehicles, because they were likely to be used by criminals, according to a sources. "The investigators had actually put these two cars under surveillance, but they do not know the teams that could use," said Tuesday, a source familiar with the matter.


The first suspect was arrested Monday in Saint-Denis, a few hours after the attack, when he was near one of these two cars, a Peugeot 308. The second car used to escape criminals, a 4 × 4 BMW brand, was later burned shortly after the attack in La Courneuve.

A second alleged member of the team that attacked the armored van was arrested on Monday, does on Tuesday a source close to the investigation, confirming one of Europe information.

Aware of the movement of these vehicles through the tags early Monday morning, officers from the BIS went immediately to the scene. "You can not put a policeman behind every car (supervised) twenty-four hours out twenty-four", for its part, said a police source, that "if the arrests were so fast, it is thanks to this monitoring system. "

The armored car was attacked at about 5: 30 pm Monday by three criminals hiding in a doorway, as he prepared to supply a BNP Paribas, near Quatre-Chemins subway.


Sign of the violence of the attack, which several witnesses have reported, many bullet holes were visible on the van and targeted on a Renault Kangoo parked nearby.

The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, visited Tuesday morning at the scene of robbery. He denounced "the great violence and great determination" criminals. Mr. Valls confirmed he would meet soon unions conveyors "carefully watch what happened and then also the conditions for protection of conveyors." In January, an administrative investigation had pinned CAS small company that employs about one hundred and fifty CIT in Paris, unreachable since Tuesday, judging it "did not provide the best guarantees of security."

Unions have relayed these criticisms, stating in particular that the conveyor was not wearing a bulletproof vest at the time. According to a judicial source, the conveyor did not want to wear it because he suffered from the coast. But, the source said, wearing the vest would not have changed the face of Kalashnikov fire. The conveyor is hurt in a stationary state, but his prognosis is still committed, the Minister explained the prefect of the department, Christian Lambert, after exposing the course of this attack to the weapon of war has excited the profession .

The authors of the heist, which come from the same city in the Seine-Saint-Denis, "are well-known people," said Mr. Lambert. "We can not say that there is traffic (weapons) organized" in the districts of the Seine-Saint-Denis, said the prefect, but noted that a weapon is often "pooling . It will serve a city. " This "us a problem investigation," said the prefect, "because we have many of these weapons traces of DNA, many papillary traces."

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