Highly internationalized Servier group continues to grow

A study by Inserm, published in February 2012, the record number of Mediator in 1300 deaths and 3100 hospitalizations, stating that "it is vraisemblement an underestimate."

The Mediator case seems to have had quite an effect on the economic activity of Servier. For if this scandal had the effect of a thunderclap in France, that no one has been able to ignore it, it does not even out of the borders. "It is a Franco-French subject. It gets little in Europe. And not in the rest of the world, "said one expert pharmaceutical sector.

However, the Servier Group has a global activity, as all the major players in the pharmaceutical sector. It is present in 140 countries and generates 75% of its turnover abroad, says Lucy Vincent, Executive Director of External Affairs Servier. In addition, the Mediator only 0.7% of its turnover, she says.

Consequence that the turnover of Servier has declined from 15% in France, it rose slightly at the global level, about 3% to € 3.9 billion for the year ending September 2011. The group, formed in foundation does not disclose its results. But ensures that they remain positive.

The decline in net affair.

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