France, average student countries of the European Union Health

Not really something to commend. This is what emerges from the first report on the health care system and comparing France to other countries in the European Union and published Wednesday, May 23 by the High Council for Public Health (HCSP). A study based on health indicators called EHCI defined by the Commission to establish consistency between data from different countries.

"This report promotes the awareness that we are not alone in the world, nor the most privileged. Health, France is now an "average" country, "said Roger Salamon, President of HSCP in the press release that accompanied the release of the document. A report will be a real prescription for public health for the new government. There are reasons for satisfaction, with a very good position for life expectancy (France is the first of 27 countries), the birth rate (third), or cardiovascular disease - France recorded rates the lowest mortality in Europe. But many art paper less pleasing indicators.

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