François Lamy wants to launch a "second stage of the policy of the city"

He does not want to be the Fadela Amara government of Jean-Marc Ayrault. François Lamy, the new Minister delegated to the city, does not intend "to put immediately under the display flashes and too fast", unlike the former Secretary of State to the city government Fillon 2007 2010.

Read his profile: "François Lamy, a close Aubry Minister in charge of the city"

The Mayor of Palaiseau (Essonne), who resigned, Thursday, May 24, to support a portfolio which he did not expect, know how long it takes to build or renovate a neighborhood. "If there is an area that causes a lot of hope and expectation, it is the city politics. But it is also an issue that has generated a lot of disappointment, "agreed the former right hand Martine Aubry PS."Time is not the ads! "Insists Mr. Lamy, who is campaigning to keep his seat.

His philosophy is that Hollande has drawn during the campaign. The PS candidate had joked about the broken promise by Nicolas Sarkozy to create a "Marshall Plan" for the suburbs. "A Marshall Plan is by definition an emergency level. But the urgency is not compatible with the policy of the city. You can not restructure a quarter of a magic wand, "said Lamy during his first trip in the Val-d'Oise, May 21. "However, we need a battle plan over time. Leave me some weeks to develop, "he says.

Aware of the budgetary constraints of government and inter-character records, he is careful to announce, for the moment, a new national urban renewal plan (NERP). "We will have already completed the foreground and find 5 to 6 billion euros lacking in the loop," warns Mr. Lamy.

CELL "intellectuals"

The current PNRU expires in 2013. It covers 460 districts. The Urban Renewal Agency (ANRU) the funds amounting to 12 billion euros. The rest of the total budget, which exceeds $ 42 billion, comes from local and private funds.

"I will request an assessment of the current PNRU, he says. I want to study how neighborhoods were chosen to receive credits ANRU. Maybe he will change the method. The question may arise whether it should not concentrate resources on the areas in very big trouble. "

Lamy recalls the roadmap Mr. Holland: "Linking more urban projects and social project." "Demolish and rebuild, this is good and what is required, he insists. But not enough. If young people do not have jobs, the situation will get worse. "

To help develop what he calls "a second stage of the policy of the city," Mr. Lamy will surround an elected "directly involved" group and a small cell "of intellectuals ". It is "to consider the right tools: including questions about the zoning that stigmatize neighborhoods, whether planning should not be a power exercised at the level of cities and not in each commune "he states.

In the meantime, "I want to reassure the voluntary sector, to restore hope, because without him, neighborhoods would go worse," Mr. Lamy. He has also defended the "priority" creation in these territories "jobs of the future" for young people and to fight for the "public investment bank" has "a subsidiary dedicated to neighborhoods," as promised the PS candidate.

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