Former prisoners, they want to break the positive image of the prison in cities

Berrthet One, cartoonist, has done his time in prison a comic.

This Thursday, May 10, they are a dozen prisoners, sitting quietly on their plastic chair in the multipurpose room of the prison La Farlède Toulon. That used at Mass on Sundays and hip-hop workshops for the remaining time. Before them, and Mouloud Mansouri Berthet One, 36 and 35, respectively ten and five years in prison. Both men were released from prison a few years ago. The first child of the district of Oasis in Hyères (Var), fell to 23 years for trafficking in cannabis and official corruption. The second grew up in the city of 4000, in La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis), and was sentenced for pointing a jewelry.

"We have both long sentences begins Mouloud Mansouri before his audience. But we will show you that we can continue and make plans once out. " Beside him, Berthet One tells his story, his passing in prison of Fleury-Merogis, Bois d'Arcy, Nanterre, Val-de-Reuil. and his passion for drawing. He did his time in detention a comic book (L'Evasion, ed. Indeez). "I'm a neighborhood guy, a guy from 9-3, but I've realized that I also had talent., And not for the dark side." Its association with Fu-jo, Mouloud Mansouri made him coming singers like Sefyu or Grand Corps Malade in prison "to bring the culture within." For two hours, the two men demonstrate that the shuttle-area prison is not inevitable and that there is a life after.

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