Former employees of Bettencourt, they remember discrete visits candidate Sarkozy

Liliane Bettencourt's home in Neuilly-sur-Seine

In the diaries seized by investigators, he was known as code names rather transparent, "Mr. Nicolas", "Nicolas S.", "Mr. X" ... This host brand Bettencourt, Nicolas Sarkozy. Its discreet visits to the couple of billionaires in their home in Neuilly-sur-Seine, in the 2007 presidential campaign, are at the heart of the investigation of Judge Jean-Michel Gentil. The judge openly suspect who was still interior minister to have visited on several occasions, at 18 Delabordère street for money.

A failure to establish that the former mayor of Neuilly directly affected funds, the judge met many clues indicating at least his presence in the home of Liliane Bettencourt and Andre (who died in November 2007), on the campaign trail. There are for example the indication on the agenda 'Lady', indicating the date of February 24, 2007 visit "Mr. Nicolas S". And these numerous testimonies.

He Dominique Gautier driver from 1994 to 2004, described a confidence of the former couple's housekeeper, Nicole Berger, who died in 2008. Gautier is remembered on March 8 before the judge: "This was on the phone. Miss Berger told me that Mr. Sarkozy had come for an appointment to see Mr and Mrs very quickly and it was asking for money. " In his memory, the visit lasted "a quarter of an hour." "Miss Berger have reported a request from Mr Sarkozy, not a discount. Is that right? "Inquired the judge. "Yes, she has told me about a request, said Gautier. She told me that this visit took place the night before and then 20 h 15 because they went to table before 20 am 15. " According to the judge, this scene would be between March 27 and April 5, 2007, the last period of stay Miss Shepherd in the Bettencourt.


There are still statements nurse Mrs Bettencourt, Youpatchou Henriette, who is remembered on October 24, 2011, that "before the presidential elections," she discovered "on the schedule that was down in the kitchen (...) it was mentioned "Mr. Nicolas'." She thought it could be the grand-son of Mrs. Bettencourt, Nicolas Meyers, but the butler Pascal Bonnefoy replied that it was in fact the "interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy." "I said that I would have liked to take a picture but he told me that this was not possible because the phones were scrambled and there were snipers on rooftops. He said it jokingly. " On March 14, Mr. Bonnefoy remembered that "private appointment between André Bettencourt and Mr. Sarkozy." "I believe, he said that the visit was short because their time both were counted." The interview took place "in the Monet room or living room from the bottom." "It was an impromptu visit. (...) I was quite proud whether Mr. Sarkozy, "said the butler, whose secret recordings are at the origin of the case.

Old maid, Dominique Gaspard, she assured, November 14, 2011, have "outline" probably "before July 2007" Mr Sarkozy "on arrival" Delabordère street. It was then "in lingerie." "Mr. Bettencourt was already very sick waiting in the large living room is called the round," said she assured. Mr Sarkozy? "He was alone with his driver, of course." "Do you know the purpose of the visit of President Sarkozy to Mr. and Mrs. Bettencourt? Could there be a discount for cash in an envelope? "Asked the judge. "I do not know the purpose of the visit. Mrs Bettencourt has not talked with me, "said Ms. Gaspard.


As for the former accountant, Claire Thibout, questioned in September 2011 on a remittance to Mr. Sarkozy, she said: "I heard about it," but said: "It is not me asked to return the money to Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy. " The judge also seems to give credence to a note found in the book by François-Marie Banier. The dandy relates to the April 26, 2007 - or to a term mentioned by several witnesses and different agendas as may correspond to a visit by Mr Sarkozy, but also day Ms. Bettencourt gave back 400,000 euros - comments made by the billionaire: "De Maistre told me that Sarkozy was still asked me for money, I said yes."

At the hearing on 26 October 2011 Trovel Chantal, a former secretary, M.Gentil summarized: "This suggests that there has been an appointment April 26, 2007 between Mr. and Mrs. Bettencourt and Patrice de Maistre, a special appointment, perhaps to prepare a delivery of money, in these circumstances, could take place Sunday, April 29, 2007, that is to say during the presidential elections . " That day, Mr. Sarkozy took 16 hours from its big rally between the two towers at Bercy. If "think he came on a Sunday afternoon," Mrs. Trovel can not "say with certainty" that this was April 29.

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