Farid and Said Shot, nephew and uncle, fell on the front of traffic

A police patrol in the city Font Verde in Marseille in March 2012.

He was executed, as often, a shot with Kalashnikovs. His body was found on April 11 in front of his home, rue Edouard Vaillant, in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille. That evening 30 to 20 h, Farid shot went home. That's when he parked his car he was targeted by the killers.

Shooting Farid, 40, was known to police. He owned a business, but it is in the drug trade and some robberies he could raise some money. Discreet, there was little about him, managing its business without fuss or ostentation.

Shooting Farid remained in the neighborhood of Belle May Its business revolves around the game a few slot machines placed in bars and he picked up the profits. It was close to Roland Gaben, a thug from the old neighborhood of P.

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