Evaluation of teachers: reform published. immediately readjusted

A teacher prepares a class of primary school Sagary Jules Saint-Jans-Cappel, 1 September 2009, before the school year for students.

Post a controversial decree after a presidential election which saw the defeat right? Luc Chatel, yet Minister of Education for a few days, did it! Wednesday, May 8, he has published in the Official Journal its highly criticized reform of teacher evaluation, which aims to entrust this task to the head of establishment - instead of the inspector of schools - and it soon the beginning of September. These are also the principals that determine the career advancement of teachers.

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Reform published ... immediately readjusted. In a statement sent on May 9 in the morning, Vincent Peillon advisor "education" during the campaign Hollande and tipped to succeed Luc Chatel, announced that "the text will be repealed at the inauguration of François Hollande and implementation the new government. " In other words, from 15 May

That's what comfort all education unions which, since the publication of the text, cried out "forced passage." "Getting out a decree once the election is over, when we know that the new government does not wish to apply, it is not Republican!, Protests Thierry Cadart general secretary SGEN-CFDT. This is to drop mines in the path of the new government! "


"To publish this decree when the election took place, this is the ultimate challenge, denounces his side Christian Chevalier, SE-UNSA. Social dialogue has not really worked on this issue."

This is not to say. Since the revelation in November 2011, a first draft decree on teacher evaluation, mobilizations have succeeded. A strike on December 15, 2011, another on 31 January. In March, a second reform bill - virtually identical to the first - was rejected by all the teachers' unions. The department maintained despite the project as is.

The decree issued on May 8 removes the "double counting" of teachers: the "administrative" rating - assigned by the headteacher on criteria such as punctuality, attendance and taking initiatives - and teaching note " "The most important for career given by the inspector after his visit to class. In the new organization, it is the principal who takes the role of evaluator. It must lead every three years, a "professional service" for each teacher. The decree also changes the career advancement of teachers.

The issue of teacher evaluation will obviously be raised by the next government. "This is an issue that should be part of a comprehensive dialogue on the evolution of the teaching profession: its missions, training, working time, the evaluation mode ..." warns Christian Knight. This "global dialogue" could start in the summer.

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