Emergency Accommodation: Cécile Duflot does extend the winter break?

"This is an emergency provision to address the housing crisis that weighs on households", announced Minister of Housing, Cécile Duflot in Libération, Monday, June 4

It was one of the first promises of the Minister of equal areas and housing. On May 22, Canal +, Cécile Duflot announced Thursday continued until the winter break, device for opening nineteen thousand additional seats in emergency shelters every year from November 1 to March 31.

During the interview, the minister expressed the need "to ensure that by May 31, we can keep places and that it put more people on the street." In a statement, the ministry added that the ten-day period should "enable the State and associations to conduct an evaluation and a shared accommodation requirements at the end of the winter break diagnosis."

Ten days after this announcement, associations questioned. In a statement released Thursday on the website of Catholic Relief Services, the Collective of United Associations, which includes thirty-three associations fighting against exclusion in housing, says they are still "pending arbitration the Minister of Housing, Cécile Duflot "on the issue of additional seats in emergency accommodation.


The last government had pushed the end of the winter break this year, with progressive closure of places until the end of June. To date, there would be about quatee thousand seats still open on nineteen miles of winter device according to Matthew Angotti, Director General of the National Federation of reception and reintegration associations (Fnars).

Mr. Angotti said "a little in the dark" about the decisions of the Ministry. "We have not had any contact with the firm, there is always the negotiations. Today, we do not know what his political project, "he laments, saying be for now" in limbo. "

On 22 May, the day it announced the temporary suspension of closures places, Cécile Duflot received representatives of Fnars to expose their major policies.

But Mathieu Angotti, politics "bottom" of the housing minister is still unknown, especially on the issue of emergency accommodation. "We assume that it will maintain a minimum remaining places, but we do not know whether there will be not a perpetuation of places," says CEO Fnars.

The Collective of United Associations asked to meet soon Cécile Duflot about it. Winter off device, one hundred and eighteen thousand places are open throughout the year in emergency accommodation.

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