"Desperate and dejected" by the repeal of the law on sexual harassment

Catherine, police officer of 51 years, said he was "hopeless and helpless" by the decision of the Constitutional Council. She considers "shameful and unspeakable" the repeal of the law on sexual harassment. For two years, his manager gave him urgent advances she refused. In retaliation, says Catherine, he was demoted. The following is a long battle to be heard - so far without success. She knows the feelings of victims who now have their procedure down the drain.

Despite his obvious emotion, Catherine calmly tells his last six years of "galleys". "Today, I am in a closet between the toilet and the photocopier," she says, without departing from a slight smile.

It keeps the desire to fight, if only because of hurtful words, saying she suffered between 2006 and 2007. First from his superiors who did not supported. When she complained about her manager, she was going to answer that "break": "I was told that I could kill myself because anyway it is not emotional at work . It was also clear to me that I would have no friend to me, but that all would be against me. "

In fact, only a colleague, who had left the service in the meantime, agrees to testify on his behalf. She denounces daily pressure. Its leader must constantly question his work: "I have become incompetent when I refused his advances." Distraught, Catherine suffered from depression and has a work stoppage of three months. The time for the man she accused of sexual harassment to be transferred to his great relief.

Catherine wants to be recognized as a victim. And to prove his allegations, it has retained the 60 mails and text messages sent by the man she refers to as her stalker. Based on these discussions, Catherine request an internal administrative investigation by the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN). It will be closed without further action, without being aware of the reasons which led to this decision.

In July 2011, the police officer enlists the services of Claude Katz and files a complaint of sexual harassment. It fails. Catherine engages civil proceedings. She has an appointment in two weeks with a judge who mean to him what happens to the proceedings. Moved, it assumes that currently, her stalker "to drink champagne."

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