DSK recovery thesis of a conspiracy against him

Nicolas Sarkozy and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 18 February 2011 in Paris.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn heard "present (his) formal application on 15 June 2011." "And I had no doubt, he adds. I would have been the PS candidate (for president). "

A week before the second round, DSK recalls the memory of his party and the candidate it by giving the American journalist Edward Epstein which is presented as an "interview", published Saturday, April 28, by the British newspaper The Guardian.

If unable to carry out his project is, according to him, due to opponents to shoot him politically, exploited an unfortunate sexual affair in a New York hotel. The criminal charges against him were dropped, but Strauss-Kahn faces a civil complaint for attempted rape. "Maybe I was politically naive, but I just could not believe they go far. I did not think they would find anything that could stop me, "he says today.

Who are "they"? "People who have a political agenda." At no time DSK designates by name or function. The journalist, he interpreter that "they" "clearly refers, in the context of our conversation, with people working for (Nicolas) Sarkozy," he wrote. Amazing "interview" conducted on April 13 at the Hotel Pavilion Queen in Paris, where Mr. Epstein said he met DSK for "more than two hours," but he fails to mention a few phrases in quotes . Thus he suggests, at length, the suspicions of DSK on surveillance and eavesdropping he was the subject. But only about Mr. Epstein can assign are evasive: "It seems likely that we have been dealing with more than just coincidence."

For the rest, thanks to his advice transcribed in the form DSK "told me that." or "clearly provides that." section contains options or strengthen, assumptions and assessments already issued by Epstein and others since the beginning of the case of the Sofitel, adding no identifiable source or evidence additional.

"You never know"

These should be documented in a book signed by him and released in the United States Monday (Three Days in May, "Three Days in May," Melville editor, electronic format only). To summarize: without ruling on the merits of the events that took place in the hotel room between Strauss-Kahn and the maid Nafissatou Diallo ("in the absence of witnesses, we will never know" writes journalist), he releases it from any participation in a conspiracy, although DSK says she "had no cleaning equipment" when she entered his room.

However, the Guardian is, throughout, to accredit the idea of ​​a necessarily less simple matter than it seems at first sight and a believable plot. These same "people" who conspired to ruin, would have used the case of the Sofitel to oust Mr. Strauss-Kahn in the race for the Elysee Palace.

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