DSK indicted for pimping

He was the favorite in the polls, the one banked left to beat Nicolas Sarkozy in May 2012. After hearing nearly eight hours by judges, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was indicted on Monday, March 26 for "aggravated pimping by an organized gang" in the margin of the case of Carlton Lille. It is more than mere "complicity in pimping" for which he was summoned after his interview with the police on February 22. According to Article 225-5 of the Criminal Code, the former head of the International Monetary Fund would be "helped, assisted or protected prostitution of others." And, as the main author.

Under the Fifth Republic, ever (former) Minister has been prosecuted for such acts. Placed under judicial control, Strauss-Kahn had to pay a deposit of EUR 100 000 to remain free. It is also prohibited him from coming into contact with eight people indicted in the case of hotel pimping (including a police commissioner and a barrister), with the plaintiffs, witnesses of the case. But also to discuss the case with reporters.

In calling the former head of the IMF, Monday, March 26, Wednesday 28 and not as originally planned, the three judges of the case, Stephanie Ausbart Mathieu Vignau and Ida Chafaï, took everyone by surprise, as the press parquet. Is it for reasons of agenda - Me Henri Leclerc, one of the tips of DSK will Ajaccio Wednesday before the foundation of Corse-du-Sud to defend an empty stomach.

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