DSK affair: "If it was a conspiracy it would have been awkward" Juppe notes

For Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, private business Dominique Strauss Kahn entering the field of politics "from the time that Mr. Strauss-Kahn's politicized."

"We change the registry," said Juppe, who had never commented on the matter so far. Statements of DSK Guardian, in which he believes that people "linked to Nicolas Sarkozy" were involved, have apparently changed the game.

"If this was a conspiracy it was particularly awkward. It would be better to wait for the Carlton, "ruled Mr Juppe, considering that the theory advanced by DSK" is absurd, and is not supported by anything. " Earlier, Nicolas Sarkozy began his meeting in Clermont-Ferrand attacking DSK, asking him to "explain justice" and "spare the French his comments." François Hollande decided to "no comment" because it has "no information".

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