DGSE: the spy who talked too much in court

Maurice Dufresse alias Pierre Siramy to the Odeon Theatre in Paris.

Despite his good-naturedly, Maurice Dufresse, 56, shows a tired face. Accordingly past the Directorate General for External Security (DGSE) or multiple procedures fatigue years after the publication of his book, 25 years in the Secret Service, published by Flammarion in 2010? This is a complaint from the Department of Defense brings this Friday, June 8, Pierre Siramy - his agent name - to appear before the 17th Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court.

In April 2010, under the leadership of Minister Herve Morin Hotel de Brienne had complained for "Identity military or civilian personnel belonging to the DGSE whose duties require, for security reasons revelation, respect of anonymity. " Offense for which he is liable to a fine of € 15,000.

Among other details of the Rainbow Warrior Monks Tibéhirine, or more prosaically about the workings of the "pool", Mr. Dufresse, now retired for disability, had given the names of two executives DGSE. A special advisor to the director and manager. "Two heavyweights of the house whose name was known to all," he argued.

Downplaying the scope of his work which, when released, caused a stir, Mr. Dufresse told the bar he had wanted to tell his business and "show how it can be exciting," indicating that it would not disclose the identity of operatives on the ground. An argument then developed by the three defense lawyers who represented, in addition to Mr. Dufresse, journalist and co-author, Laurent Léger, and Flammarion. Left, during argument, to ridicule the prestigious plaintiff.


"When the book came out, lightning has struck Mr. Dufresse very brutal way," he told his lawyer Renaud Le Gunehec. "Complaint Department, search helicopter to photograph the house and custody at Levallois in the premises of the DCRI, despite poor health, has he recalled. This book of testimony did not deserve such a procedural violence. "

The defense counsel then raised two problems. Texts that support the complaint indicate that it is forbidden to disclose the identity of the operational staff. Which, according to counsel, was not the case of the two frameworks mentioned. Second, as noted wryly Me The Gunehec, suppose "to see his respected for security reasons anonymity, still need to start by being anonymous."

Intelligence Online or The letter had indeed Expansion reported, without being prosecuted, identity and functions of two officials of the DGSE before the publication of the offending book. In fact, as noted by Christophe Bigot, the lawyer Flammarion, "the ground from under the feet of the ministry of defense" when you type the name of the former department head in Google, the first result Research explains its functions. Funniest yet, the Official Journal itself gave the names and functions of the two frames after they have been decorated with the Legion of Honour, noted Olivier Salmon, defender Léger.

"This is a rogue complaint", criticized me Bigot, who pointed out that for twenty years he defends publishers, this is the first time he has to attend an author during a custody to DCRI. "This complaint was referred to internally, "said for his part Me The Gunehec. Shortly before, the prosecutor, only to support "a charge a little shaky," was, too, showed cautious on the merits of the action of the Department. Deliberated on September 7.

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