Couple killed in Madagascar: both French and Malagasy prison

Gerald and Johanna were killed after surrendering on April 12 on a dangerous and famous uncrowded beach near Tulear.

Local police reported Saturday, May 5 arrest of two French and one Malagasy interviewed for two days after the double murder of a couple who had taken a French restaurant in Tulear in the south-west Madagascar.

"They were held in custody for several testimonials attest to their bizarre behavior" after the death of Gerald Fontaine and Johanna Delahaye, found dead in April a few days after visiting a beach in the area, said an official of Font. "We know the motive, but we are trying to gather evidence," he added, declining to elaborate.

Both French and Malagasy wife of one of the two were interviewed in turn in the morning, and were imprisoned in the wake Saturday afternoon in the prison of Tulear. In late April, two Malagasy had confessed to the murder, confused by mobile phone and credit card Johanna Delahay, found at the home of one of the suspects. Four alleged accomplices were later arrested. "We continue overlap and spinners but we can not yet tell if there is a sponsor", said the police.


According to several testimonies, the French national convened went to the home of Gerald Fontaine and Johanna Delahaye, accompanied by his wife and a friend, after the disappearance of the couple. They urged the owner and guardian to enter the house, which was denied. "The owner has extrapolated these accusations are false. We are looking to take them down, it's unfair. (.) They only tried to get information to advance the research, "replied one of their relatives.

Aged 48 and married to a Malagasy for six years, one of the two French lives in Madagascar incarcerated for eight years. He owns one of the main nightclubs Tulear. On several occasions, this man had lunch in La Bernique's restaurant Gerald and Johanna, with whom he got along well, according to local sources. "It is completely shocked to be involved in this case when he just wanted to help advance the investigation," minimizes a source close to the investigation. The second person auditioned is a young French national staying in Tulear past few weeks.

Gerald and Johanna were killed after surrendering on April 12 uncrowded and deemed dangerous beach, ten kilometers from Tulear. Their bodies were discovered a few days later, wearing bruises.

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