Contraception: the Sarkozy camp denounces a "mock trial"

A contraceptive pill.

Ignorance of the law, new extended boom to the most conservative voters, or real desire to change the rules on access to contraception for minors? Thursday, April 26, on France Inter, Nicolas Sarkozy said he was "in favor of the parents are involved, in one way or another" to the issuance of the pill less than 18 years.

"It would be funny all parents to learn that someone gave the pill to (their) minor daughter without having a dialogue," said the UMP candidate. However, since the Act of July 4, 2001, parental consent is no longer required. Girls have access to the pill so free and anonymous in family planning clinics.


"This is a serious setback," responds Caroline de Haas, co-founder of Dare feminism and socialist collaborator Benoît Hamon, originally an appeal entitled "The rights of women go through the left", signed by 150 personalities. The head of the social hub of the campaign Hollande, Marisol Touraine, also denounced on his Twitter account back "ten years ago."

The statements of Mr. Sarkozy are also some experts jump contraception. "The president contradicts the law, observe the gynecologist Nisand Israel, author of a report on this subject published on February 16. The real problem is that the text of 2001 is not fully implemented. "

For the pill to be issued anonymously everywhere, doctors should be paid directly by Social Security, without informing the parents and contraceptives issued confidentially in pharmacies. "The challenge is to reduce the number of abortions, which is 15 000 per year in the minors," says Nisand.


According to Marie-Pierre Martinet, Secretary General of Family Planning, return to the 2001 Act "would create inequality between girls: those who can talk to their parents and others." "This is an extraordinarily traditionalist view of society, she says. Girls should be under control, while the boys did not need permission to buy condoms. "

The spokesman for Mr. Sarkozy, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, tried to rectify Thursday, denouncing a "mock trial" Mr Sarkozy "did not want to jeopardize" the anonymous access, has she said, while stating that "this device does not preclude a confident dialogue with parents."

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