Cemetery vandalized in the Ardennes, six months suspended

The graves were desecrated in Saint-Etienne-à-Arnes in the Ardennes before the celebration of Franco-German reconciliation.

The criminal court in Charleville-Mézières sentenced Wednesday, July 11 two young major six-month prison sentence for defacing the graves of German soldiers in Saint-Etienne-a-Arnes in the Ardennes before the celebration of reconciliation between France German, Has to a judicial source.

The two boys, aged 19, who were self police Monday to Reims with two children, also will perform two hundred and ten hours of community service over eighteen months and an internship of their citizenship costs.

In total, forty five graves were desecrated in the night from Friday to Saturday. The vast majority of cross had been found strewn graves, probably torn from kicking, but five had disappeared. In Reims, Hollande had responded quickly to the pressures, declaring alongside German Chancellor that "no dark force, much less stupidity, may not alter the Franco-German friendship." The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, was sentenced on Saturday evening "strongly" the desecration of graves.

The cemetery has about 12,000 graves of German soldiers who died during the battles of Champagne in the first part of the global conflict. Sunday, a wreath was laid on the scene to "mark the unwavering commitment of the Republic in the Franco-German friendship", according to the Ministry, with the support of 150 residents gathered at the ceremony improvised village .

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