Case of Carlton: Judge against Mr. saving teacher lesson right against being libertinism

The cancellation of the procedure would be to the end of legal troubles in France as to the former Socialist presidential favorite, nine days after the epilogue of the Diallo case in the United States.

The exchange is polished and good quality, at least in appearance, and nothing like the 32 hours of custody What past Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 21 February: everyone said they were held "in serene climate", but in reality the investigators were a little annoyed that DSK eloquent "does not remember", "not diaries" uses or does "not remember where" not kept.

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This Monday, March 26, before the judge hearing the case of Carlton, which puts indicted for aggravated pimping, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is more cooperative. A he appreciated that Stephanie Ausbart allows him to escape the onslaught of cameras? His hearing had indeed been quietly advanced two days and began in the utmost secrecy. It was only when police, intrigued by a 75 sedan registered in the basement of the courthouse in Lille, called Paris and discovered the identity of its owner, the wick was sold. The former IMF chief was in the closet for a long time judges, protected flashes.


At the bend of the interview lying on record, we feel dawning annoyance mingled irony sixties face the thirties, the young woman against the income of any man. Stephanie is Ausbart magistrate and reasoning in law. The Penal Code is the Bible; apply his duty. DSK, he says with a hint of condescension licentiousness to the woman who, he imagined, has no idea of ​​these practices. "You have to understand something, libertarianism is to have free and consensual sex (...) simple and without taboos, but with several partners and possibly to others, where the voyeuristic nature of some (...) , he says. We think that we want on the moral level, but they are never priced. (...) If we do not understand it ... "The exchange takes on the appearance of a course in two parts: one plays the teacher of law, the other Casanova, and each professes his knowledge.

Stephanie Ausbart was criticized by Eric Smith-Moretti for asking one of the indicted if he had "normal sexual practices." It shows very cautious this time. "In the process, are discussed various sexual behaviors. Some of them point out that the moral sphere and are not interested in justice. " Thus, "the collective sex called" libertines (...) between consenting adults "", "paid sex (...) between a prostitute and her client" and exchanges that would have met a prostitute in a " group meeting. " This preamble finished, she comes to the heart of the matter.

"The word" pimping "means, in the common meaning ascribed to him, the fact of financial gain from the prostitution of others. But in criminal law, the offense of procuring far exceeds [the] common sense (...). It is open to everyone to believe that the law is poorly made, as it is no longer appropriate to contemporary mores, concedes the magistrate. However, it is the current state of law and justice is bound to apply. " And list the situations and behaviors that it believes meet the definition of Article 225-5 of the Criminal Code. "Helping to attend the prostitution of others (...) can cover for example the fact that (...) to provide a place to house sex rewarded, accompanied prostitutes during business travel (...). The fact of serving as an intermediary between a prostitute and a client (...) can be, for example to present women in prostitution to a potential customer to make them available to select and recruit. "

"DRIFTS prostitutional"

DSK had been a little bright, in a previous exchange: "If I could suggest that you know what evil environment, I apologize." However, he told Ms. Ausbart, "when I hear what you say, no doubt in my incompetence, I do not see anything that we can blame me." He "confessed" taste "for women libertine, but not for prostitutes." What about Paris apartment on Avenue d'Iena or this room booked at Lille Europe, Lille a palace, where he found yet of "escorts" asked the judge? DSK did not understand. The room, he did not rented especially for this evening. As for the apartment where paraded "politicians to discuss in private, the womanizing, (...) the group of friends" Lille, DSK has always believed that he was at home. Was it not "bank guarantee" of his old friend Alex Sergius Old tenant of the premises?

The judge may well admit "knowledge (...) surface of libertines," she did not budge: for her, behind closed doors, hiding "the existence of prostitution-drift". DSK denies. The regular French and international amphis launches into a lecture. Above all, do not be fooled by appearances: the "provocative" outfits, sexy plunging neckline or do not sign the "professional". 'I've often seen young women dressed like you and me who changed upon arrival of a libertine club to a more alluring outfit and it was not one of the prostitutes, "he says. Another rule, if "it is (...) required to be accompanied", "this is absolutely not the practice of using prostitutes (...): the practice of debauchery (...) is readily criticized, so be trustworthy people who are friends or friends of friends. " Philosopher, finally: "In the libertine, there is no object. There are two subjects that want to participate. "

The judge surprised many "immediate reporting" as evidenced by the escorts of the file. It is sometimes thus meets DSK, who noted that Washington and Brussels, dinners "well watered" preceded "the second phase" of the evening. How still think that young women 26 to 27 years, as Marion and Estelle, are pleased to spend evenings with a man 63 years without payment? "For the age difference, what makes a woman or a man entice someone has nothing to do with age. Literature and film are full. "

Finally, what about the real "system that promotes the use of prostitution" set up in the North, where Fabrice Paszkowski Pug and his friend David had "recruited, paid for escorts and organized stewardship outputs"? Was not "satisfy your sexual needs," the judge asked? Like a cry from the heart, the former Socialist minister then launched, almost offended, "I did not expect Fabrice Paszkowski to satisfy my sexual needs, I also so please decades outside [him] ... "

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