Case Relais & Chateaux: A lawyer asked the hearing Dominique de Villepin

Dominique de Villepin, March 25, 2010 in Paris.

The lawyer Regis Whelk, former president of the association Relais & Chateaux indicted for fraud and money laundering, asked the judge hearing Dominique de Villepin, a friend of Mr Whelk quoted in the dossier says Le Journal du Dimanche, Sunday, June 10

The claim of "last month" by Mr. Michael Santelli in Strasbourg, was rejected by the investigating judge Jean-Baptiste Poli on the grounds that it would be premature, and must now be decided by the Court of Appeal of Strasbourg says the JDD. Mr. Santelli has not been contacted by AFP on Sunday.

Regis Whelk, 64, was indicted and jailed on November 18 for breach of trust, organized fraud and money laundering. He is suspected of embezzling between 2002 and 2008 1.6 million, donated in cash by suppliers that benefits had been overcharged.

The judge also interested in the system of "free nights" established by Mr. Whelk, and seeks to determine whether some could not benefit politicians. Current president of the association, Jaume Tàpies has brought a civil party.

PRESSURE Dominique de Villepin

Le Monde revealed in December the citation in the folder named Dominique de Villepin. Friend of Mr. Whelk, the former prime minister had tried to dissuade Mr. Tàpies to keep the matter quiet, at a luncheon held in January 2010, as evidenced by transcripts of telephone conversations between Mr. Whelk and Villepin revealed by the daily. According to excerpts from the minutes quoted Sunday by the JDD, Jaume Tàpies confirmed before the judge in February friendly pressures Villepin.

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"Villepin said he contacted his friends in Strasbourg police who told him that the case was empty, there was nothing. It reminded me that, as president, I should never go against a former president and that I was endangering my professional career, "said the judge Tàpies, specifying have" felt that as a request to lift the foot. "

Pane "free nights" JDD also reveals that a search has found M. Whelk "a lot of boxes of 'thanks'," from which some politicians. All journeys made by the authors of cards were "paid by the interested," he assured me the JDD Santelli. Mr Whelk might have to explain to the judge at the next hearing on Friday.

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