CNAM is concerned about a decline in the substitution of branded drugs by generic

Application rate of non-generic substitution, according to the Insurance.

Faced with a decline in the substitution of branded drugs by generic, national health insurance (CNAM) wanted more information about the registration by doctors on the orders of the words "not substitutable" (" NS "), which requires the pharmacist to deliver the original product. It has therefore conducted a study on 12,000 orders, released Wednesday, June 6. Marked "NS" appears in 4.2% of them. 2.6% of these letters are written in front of each replaceable product.

The overall rate is rather low, but the detail, the result calls. CNAM finds indeed a variety of practices between regions. The rates range from 1.4% of prescriptions in the Pays de la Loire to 8.3% in Lower Normandy. Each region will have to seek explanations.

Of the 35 compounds most frequently issued, heterogeneity is also noted. For ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory the Nurofen brand), the words "NS" appears only on 0.8% of prescriptions. However, for clopidogrel, a génériquée Plavix (antiplatelet) molecule, it is listed on 12.6% of them.

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