Bungling behind the scenes of the Place Vendome

The Minister for Justice and Delphine Batho Keeper Christiane Taubira when they take office May 17, 2012 in Paris.

Judges throw every morning an anxious eye on the Official Gazette saying that it will bode well, three weeks after the formation of the government, the ministers of justice still have not announced the composition of their firm - outside their director and Deputy Chief of Staff - and we still do not know anything about the distribution of tasks between the Minister of Justice and Minister Responsible.

The decrees are ready, but the trade-offs were difficult and the delivery was in pain. Is that Christiane Taubira and Delphine Batho are not known for their flexibility and character they need to deal with a third head, Christian Vigouroux, the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice, who has not left his reserve to the State Council for counting paper clips.

Christiane Taubira, exit surprised hat government settled with a sigh of comfort in the beautiful Place Vendome hotel Bourvallais - financial mistakenly imprisoned in the Bastille in 1715 after subtracting the royal purse. She took up residence on the ground floor in the great minister's office, near the room seals, which after all her care. Delphine Batho moved to the floor, saying with emotion that it was the office had chosen François Mitterrand, in 1956-1957, under the Fourth Republic dying. It was freezing cold in the ministry, but the atmosphere was not slow to warm up.


Christian Vigouroux, he knows the house and the functioning of the state as his pocket. A 61 year old man is well respected but is not convenient. He was chief of staff Roger-Gérard Schwarzenberg, Minister of State for Universities (1985-1986), Pierre Joxe and Philippe Marchand at Ministry of the Interior (1990-1992) and Elisabeth Guigou to justice (1997-2000) and the Employment and Solidarity (2000-2002). He took as his deputy Jean-François Beynel and as Chief of Staff Jean-Louis Geraud, also former cabinet Guigou. He knows he can count on at the Elysee Pierre Valleix adviser justice, and Matignon on Fabienne Klein-Donati, both also former home Guigou. He knows as well Sylvie Hubac, the Chief of Staff of Francois Hollande, who was president of the fifth sub-section of the litigation to the State Council, and Christopher Chantepy, cabinet director Jean-Marc Ayrault, president of the 1st Subdivision: Christian Vigouroux, there is a month, was one of their bosses both.

The two ministers, who have no experience in government, policies are too thin for failing to understand that he would have to reckon with this powerful ally. The storm broke quickly when Christiane Taubira landed with five councilors, while the firm did right at fifteen, head included. Christian Vigouroux whistled he was not about to turn the store with only seven technicians. Mrs Taubira managed to save the head of one of his relatives, Jean-François Boutet, the Conseil d'Etat, which is special adviser, the more budget advisor or his press officer.

Christian Vigouroux brought a handful of judges, Michel Debacq, Advocate General at Versailles, was appointed diplomatic adviser, Valerie Sagant, co-authored a report for Terra Nova noticed foreword by Robert Badinter, advisor to the criminal policy. Isabelle Goanvic, Commissioner of the Supreme Court, will civilian adviser, Pascale Bruston, expert in the application of penalties is prison counselor and Pascal Hubert, founder of the Association of Young magistrates in charge of legal services. Jean-François Beynel, deputy director, insisted to bring the director of the National School of Penitentiary Administration, Philippe Astruc as criminal counsel. The appointment was coughing: man has spent his entire career in the right and was singled out by persecuting the Union of Magistrates (SM, left) when he was at the National School of Magistrates in Bordeaux.


Christian Vigouroux had at the same time fight on another front, side Delphine Batho. She was chosen as Chief of Staff Jean-Louis Daumas, the director of youth protection she had known for a long time and held the weekend of May 18, two meetings before his baggage: she chooses a former member firms Michel Mercier Michèle Alliot-Marie was screaming, and the young minister realized she was not entirely free hand. She settled for a wise counselor of state, Luc Derepas and his deputy Julien Morel Arleux, the former director of the prison Lyon-Corbas.

The other battle was one of the awards. Delphine Batho finally inherits the victim, the execution of sentences and advocacy. This is certainly not the heart of the sovereign functions, but the execution of sentences and the problems of recurrence are the toughest ever born to face the guards seals. Above all, it has got to be too hands on the central government, and authority over, the Department of Criminal Affairs and Pardons, the prison administration and the judicial protection of youth.

The three heads of the Place Vendome are obviously doomed to hear, especially in front, the Ministry of the Interior, Manuel Valls has a strong voice and the previous five-year period did not leave justice in the state it was found.

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