"Bringing to school they do not have at home"

"Progress in reading? Of course they did, and this throughout the year. But thanks to me? I've never asked the question in those terms. " Anne Barbe, host a club Coup key thumb in a school door Ivry (Paris-13e), displays his modesty: if the five frames that CP children after school, 1 hour 30 minutes each night, four nights a week, increased reading, "it is primarily thanks to their teacher. and themselves!"

Not that it probably benefits the device of the Association to promote equal opportunities in school (Apféé): "This is a great correction of inequalities. But its purpose is not so much to fight against school failure, cognitive or psychological problems that students bring to what they do not have at home. " Ms. Barb knows what she's talking about.

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  • Arms sales have fed the coffers of the former Republican Party
  • Case of Carlton: Judge against Mr. saving teacher lesson right against being libertinism
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  • Valls will not tolerate "so-called theologians" preaching "hatred of the Jewish"
  • Sofitel affair: DSK accused of "targeted violence against women"
  • Former employees of Bettencourt, they remember discrete visits candidate Sarkozy
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