Bobigny prosecutors do not appeal the indictment of the police

Several hundred police officers marched in Bobigny to express their anger.

The prosecutor of Bobigny announced Thursday, April 26, he did not appeal the indictment for murder of a policeman in Seine-Saint-Denis, who was killed Saturday by a recidivist gun on the run.

The Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, had called for an appeal by the prosecution against the classification adopted Wednesday night against the policeman, who did not accept self-defense. He recalled that "judicial [had] been opened, but on a whole different qualification is that of violence," the prosecutor of Bobigny.

"We can not accept that a police officer is facing a man with a gun in his hand, points the gun at him, must first be injured before considering to respond," stressed the Minister . In this context, "self-defense must be specified so that the police can intervene safely."


Thursday, hundreds of police showed again in Bobigny to express their anger. Police officials met 30 to 12 h before the former Territorial Security Directorate proximity, before heading off shortly after 13 hours, to the prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis. The demonstrators ended their movement at a general meeting to 16 hours after being received by the prefect Christian Lambert and obtaining a report of the content of the meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy by officers of the delegation.

"We got some progress at this meeting, including a proposal for reform of self-defense, said a policeman Stains who requested anonymity. We are now satisfied. We suspend our movement. " According to Christophe Carrez, departmental delegate unit union SGP-FO, the prefect Lambert announced Monday that it would be a working group to follow up the issue of the officer complained.

The Socialist candidate Francois Hollande must also receive a delegation of police officers on Thursday at 17: 30 am, his campaign headquarters in Paris to share their "vision and proposals." "The police would like to express their support for their colleague. They do not understand that one can be indicted for trying to stop a dangerous criminal, "said Christophe Carrez.


The case dates back to Saturday night when the policeman of Noisy-le-Sec shot a 28 year old man, who was wanted for not having returned to his prison after a furlough in June 2010. His record includes "eleven convictions, including for criminal acts of armed robbery," according to prosecutors. The officer said investigators have found against the fugitive, which "would be covered by its armed wing tending to him," and have taken four times on the young man died shortly after.

But according to the autopsy the victim was fatally hit by a bullet entry horizontally in his back. In addition, a witness recounted car "have been a chase scene [...] in which a man was firing in the direction of a fugitive," says the prosecutor. If the fleeing man was armed with a loaded gun, he did not use, according to prosecutors. And he threw a grenade, it "proved a posteriori harmless," the source added.

Counsel for the police, Daniel Merchat, announced he would appeal and denounced a case in which "there is too much rain." "While the autopsy said the impact is located in thoracolumbar region, but it is a projectile fragment was removed, not the projectile. [...] The bullet ricocheted before touching it, so it's not a direct hit, "he has argued.


By mid-evening, a procession of hundreds of unmarked vehicles or branded "Police" broke all sirens blaring on the Champs-Elysées.

Wednesday night, announcing the indictment had already caused a movement of anger among police. Hundreds of police had gathered spontaneously in Bobigny, and had been prevented from demonstrating in front of the Ministry of Interior. By mid-evening, a procession of hundreds of unmarked vehicles or branded "Police" had broken all sirens blaring on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Representatives of three unions peacekeepers were then received in the office of Minister of the Interior. They called the police, placed under judicial supervision with disqualification, may continue to receive his salary, said one of their representatives. Asked Thursday about these claims, Francois Hollande has recommended that police officers receive in such circumstances an "administrative protection", so they do not lose their salary.

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