Bobigny Gueant "regret" that the prosecution did not appeal

Police disperse after a demonstration on April 25 in Bobigny, in protest against the indictment for "murder" of one of their colleagues.

Claude Gueant regrets that the prosecutor of Bobigny has not appealed against the indictment for "murder" of the policeman who killed this weekend in Noisy-le-Sec, a repeat offender on the run.

The Minister of the Interior would have liked a call about the qualification. "I think the chief indictment is unfortunate, Mr Gueant said on Friday on BFM-RMC. I'm sorry, but it is free will [...] because the indictment was made on an extremely heavy head. "

He confirmed that the offending officer would be transferred and keep his salary: "I can confirm that, indeed, the administration argues for him to defend himself in the best conditions," said Gueant. According to the minister, "there is not a policeman from France who kills someone in cold blood, there is not a policeman who shoots with the intent to kill in cold blood, that, that n is not possible. "


If he had, until then, "not favorable" to the establishment of a presumption of self-defense in favor of the police, the minister believes that since the case of Noisy-le-Sec "things changed. " It is however forbidden to join in this regard, the President of the National Front, Marine Le Pen.

"I am not in favor of the presumption of innocence as that [it] expresses it, because she wanted to create a legal regime in which the police feel within their rights, including, and I quote, 'the risk of burrs' I do not agree that they may have a right to facilitate burrs "Has he said.

"We can not give police a license to kill," said Claude Gueant, but, according to the minister, "there is a text to write" in this area, because a "a policeman who is subject to this threat of indictment [for murder] is, in action, in legal terms, very helpless. " "The presumption of self-defense, it means that the evidence must be provided that the officer was not in self defense," said Gueant. Finally, while non-unionized police come to call not to make arrests, the minister said, "that they need to do their job, their job is their duty."

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