"Black Weekend" for the TGV from Paris to the South and Southwest

The station was heavily criticized in the winter of 2010, when a train was set twenty-six hours to make the journey between Strasbourg and Port Bou in Spain.

Suicide on track in the Drôme, catenary torn between Bordeaux and Paris: TGV from Paris to the South and Southwest have been on the night of Monday to Tuesday large delays, after a long "weekend black "of Pentecost marked by a dozen deaths on track.

Some 10,500 travelers arrived in the capital after the closure of the subway. For they are taken home, messages were sent to taxis, informing them that "nearly 8,000 people" landed Tuesday between 1 hour and 3 hours Gare Montparnasse and 2500 between 2:00 and 3:00 Gare de Lyon according to a journalist from AFP.

The police headquarters in Paris had earlier triggered the Pegasus Plan ("Plan against congestion stations in exceptional situations"), activated when the night train incident causes delays to strengthen public transport in stations . The first incident was a tragedy - a suicide. At 19 h 04, "the 6181 (TGV from Paris to Marseille and rolling) hit a person in the vicinity of the station of Valencia" (Drôme), said a spokesman for the station. The passenger train, damaged by the collision, were transferred to another TGV will take more than three hours late.

"PEOPLE ARE stoic"

Both high-speed lines between Lapalud (Vaucluse) and Valencia were cut until the end of the police findings and removal from the body. Meanwhile baffled on a conventional route, traffic resumed on fast track to 23 hours and should normalize in the night. Three other trains were delayed by two to three hours. "The speaker told us three hours late," said an AFP journalist located in Toulon TGV-Paris, arrived after midnight instead of 21 pm 15. "But it's quiet, people are stoic," said she described. More than a dozen other TGVs were delayed forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on the station.

A new incident occurred at about 20: 30 pm Monday on the Paris-Bordeaux line this time, when TGV tore a catenary (the cable supplying electricity) in Indre-et-Loire, damaging its pantograph (device connecting the cable to the train) and disrupting traffic in both directions. Its 525 passengers were transhipped and experienced a delay of several hours, according to the spokesman of the SNCF. "They will be repaid "to" 200% of the value "of the ticket, he has promised. As the line between Paris and the south, the other TGV South-West were diverted to classical pathway. "A dozen trains are experiencing delays of two hours or more. We fully refund passengers, "added the spokesman.


Another AFP reporter found in a Bordeaux-Paris 420 passengers arrived in Paris with four hours late, after 2 h 30. "Apart from journalists, there is no crowd in Montparnasse. At the exit, police and railway officials are sorting between commuters and Parisians to organize access to taxis, "she has said. Packed lunches were distributed to passengers and taxi vouchers. In total, more than 5,000 Parisians were affected by delays of trains.

The spokesman of the train spoke of "a black weekend" during the three days of Pentecost, "with a dozen deaths and suicides on the tracks." "We are very concerned about the increase in suicides, has he added. Since Saturday, we have recorded twelve of the whole country. "

On the night of Sunday to Monday, a 34 year old man was killed with his particular girl of nineteen months in throwing himself under a train in the Haute-Vienne. A "drama of separation," said the police. On Sunday morning, two brothers had been caught by a train in the Aisne. One dead, another seriously injured. Also Sunday, at dawn, a person had also died under the wheels of a TGV in Oise. She was lying on the road.

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