Bettencourt: Mr. Wilhelm Stephane Courbit and former nurse in custody

The lawyer Pascal Wilhelm, in his office on September 22, 2010.

Three people involved in the case Bettencourt were placed in custody, Monday, June 11 in the morning, in the premises of the financial brigade in Paris: the former attorney Pascal Wilhelm, the businessman and Stéphane Courbit nurse Alain Thurin. All are interviewed as part of the investigation judge Bordeaux Jean-Michel Gentil on possible "abuse of weakness" and other "breach of trust" may have been committed against Liliane Bettencourt, the heiress of L'Oreal.

After their detention, which can last up to forty-eight hours they could be presented to the magistrate Bordeaux for indictment. Several people have already been prosecuted in this part of the sprawling Bettencourt affair, including former asset manager of the billionaire, Patrice de Maistre, the former Labour Minister Eric Woerth and dandy François-Marie Banier.

At the heart of the questions investigators, the essential Pascal Wilhelm. This business lawyer had established itself as an agent of Liliane Bettencourt from 2010, managing to track his personal fortune. But its protection mandate - exercised a monthly remuneration of EUR 200 000 per month - was revoked in October 2011, its management was marred by many suspicions, including from the daughter of the old lady, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers.

In October 2011, the president of the court of Bordeaux, Christian Riss had agreed to pay the instruction of Mr. Gentil file several documents seized at the Chambers of Wilhelm, noting that Liliane Bettencourt "merely sign letters prepared by Office of the agent property for future protection, Mr. Wilhelm, which could be an indication of the latter's participation in the abuse of weakness ".

In its order of 17 October 2011, the guardianship judge of Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), Stephanie Kass-Danno also stigmatized the behavior of Mr. Wilhelm: "It is appropriate to consider the interests pursued when the agent, which has a mandate for future protection due to mental impairment Mrs Bettencourt, is consent by the latter a term of common law which it can not control the execution, by virtue of the mental impairment that led to the implementation of the mandate for future protection. "


The altered mental Liliane Bettencourt is in fact confirmed by numerous medical documents. A report submitted to Kass-Danno end of September 2011, including five experts concluded "the existence of Alzheimer's disease at a moderately severe stage with a possible vascular participation". Among the questionable decisions made by Mr. Wilhelm on behalf of Mrs Bettencourt include the investment in May 2011, an amount of EUR 143.7 million in LG Industries, the holding company of Lov Group, the company Stéphane Courbit. However, this investment was finalized on 17 December 2010, the same day that a medical certificate - which allowed the implementation of future protection mandate entrusted to Mr. Wilhelm - concluded that the heir to L'Oreal was "in the unable to provide only its interests and the management of its assets. "

Stéphane Courbit, former boss of Endemol and founder of Lov Group.

Above all, the controversial financial transaction was made to ... a client of the lawyer Pascal Wilhelm, namely Mr. Courbit. Mr. Wilhelm, reminded the judge Kass-Danno in his order, "was bound to declare a conflict of interest as to Françoise Bettencourt Meyers that guardianship judge, what he failed." "As a result, the judge concluded, the exercise by the latter of a power of attorney in respect of Liliane Bettencourt in investment by it in the amount of EUR 143.7 million in This company features a conflict of interest "(Le Monde, 19 October 2011).

As for Mr. Courbit, investigators questioned his knowledge of the health status of those on whom he relied to replenish his group, specializing in online games. The guardianship court concluded unambiguously, after hearing once Liliane Bettencourt, in July 2011: "It is not able to provide details of this investment or the identity of Stéphane Courbit and asked two Once it is the meaning of online poker games or explained. "

Another reason to question the change in the will of Mrs. Bettencourt, occurred in August 2011. In a letter to Mrs Bettencourt, July 19, Mr. Wilhelm stated, about the nurse of the old lady, Alain Thurin, "it would be better to designate the beneficiary up to an amount equal to the price a house. "

The nurse will inherit the final of Euro 10 million. Mr. Thurin must also explain the use of an email officially on behalf of the billionaire box. An email from Mr. Wilhelm, sent on September 8, 2011 at the nurse, causing trouble. "Here is the text of the two letters that I wish Mrs. we address," writes Mr. Wilhelm, who attached a draft letter he wrote saying: "I understand that my daughter wants me to leave the Board of Directors L'Oreal. That will never happen! " Five days later, Mr. Wilhelm received the expected letter, copied word for word by the old lady, with the help of Mr. Thurin.

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